Important Street Smarts And Safety Travel Tips

Although I have traveled to different parts of the world without troubles, I knew quite a bit street smarts travel tips and safety travel tips. Mainly because I used to travel as a child so I think what my parents talked and did got in to my mind from the early days. Pick pockets and cab drivers driving off with your luggage are some of the most common incidents I’ve heard when traveling abroad. You probably have experienced the same or worse when traveling. So to make your oversea trips as stress free as possible, here are some quick street smarts and safety travel tips.

Street Smarts Travel Tips

Street Smarts Travel Tips Comic

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  • Always go with your gut instinct and use common sense. If it feels weird, then DON’T do it!
  • Don’t take anything you would hate to lose. Traveling light as possible is the easiest way to go and most of all, stress free
  • Men – Don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket. It’s an easy target for pick pockets
  • Don’t leave your luggage, purse or valuables unattended. When you fly, take your valuables in your carry-on luggage
  • Don’t be flashy. Wearing your expensive clothes and Gucci watch can make you a target for crime. Try to blend in with the locals
  • Use luggage tags (name, address, phone number). If your bag is ever lost, it can be returned to you
  • Familiarize yourself with the laws of the country you are traveling to. While in the country, go by their rules and customs
  • Know basic words of the country you are traveling to

Travel Safety Tips

Safety Travel Tips Picture

Safety Travel Tips | (c) Photo By BMW Education

  • Don’t try to put yourself in dangerous situations like walking alone down empty streets or alleys, especially at nights
  • Don’t discuss your travel plans with strangers
  • Don’t flash huge amounts of cash or valuables when you are at public places. Be proactive and be safe
  • Before traveling take two photo copies of your passport. Leave one at home in an easy-to-find place. If not with a friend or relative. Take the other copy with you
  • When eating, if you don’t know what it is by looking at it, don’t consume it. You will save yourself from a stomachache or worse
  • Keep calm in any high stress situations (eg: protests)
  • Don’t ever leave your drink (water, cocktail, mocktail etc.) unattended

All these travel tips can make you have a peace of mind. Consider taking a travel safety kit on your travels. This can be purchased online from Amazon or you can personalize one on your own to meet your needs (whistle, glow stick, flashlight, water bottle, duct tape, etc).

What street smarts travel tips and safety travel tips you follow on your travels?

7 Responses to “Important Street Smarts And Safety Travel Tips”

  1. ditass says:

    All your guide are essential on traveling abroad. There are those not so friendly places which you always encounter bad experience especially when they see white or black people with the same faces (Benjamins!) LOL It always happen here in our place.
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  2. Jamila says:

    A friendly reminders for all travelers. Thanks for posting. Also, I would like to add, in every unexpected situation: peace of mind is the key,never panic, it would just make it worst. :D
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  3. Shamis says:

    Wow it is a long list of very useful travel tips! These help not just travelers but anyone on the road most of the time. Thanks for sharing these Deen!
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  4. Deen says:

    If I may add few that I have learned.
    * Never Keep all your money in one pocket, same applies to credit cards. Split it and have the smaller amount for your purchases.
    * Use few rubber bands around your wallet, (that makes it difficult to pick your pocket and doesn’t slip off easily)
    * Make use of the free maps OR buy local maps and know where you are OR nowadays better with GPS enabled smart phones.
    * Save your phone battery
    * Though contradicting to the above take pictures with your phone (if it has a good quality) Else have a cheap camera.
    * Passport and Visa copies scanned and emailed to yourself which will enable you to easy access.
    * Emergency numbers written separately and emailed too (Different location from your phone)including the respective Embassy, hotel and one person who might help you in the city, even if its the barman you met last night.
    * If you are in doubt walk into an expensive shop, look for something and pose your query to the staff (like location, distance and direction)
    * When you get direction draw it on a piece of paper confirm it with the person. (Later this becomes advantage when you negotiate a taxi or you know when the wrong turns are taken)(This and point below saved me once – I think)
    * Know the basic words such as Yes, No, Money, Foreigner, Speak, RUN.
    * When inside the vehicle if there is a slight doubt (pretend to inform someone you are coming in description of the vehicle and will be there and just read out a shops name or something-just to indicate the location)
    * Don’t be paranoid sometimes people are better than we think. Just enjoy the trip.
    * Remember no one loot or mob you unless they think you are an easy prey. So Be street smart or pretend you are.

    Hope this helps someone and shed some light to being safe while travelling. Oh ensure you have a spare set of clothes in your carry-on luggage.


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  5. Shamis says:

    You brought up an important point – to know the basic laws of the country you are visiting. It sure can save at least some trouble. Thanks for your input Jennifer!
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  6. Jennifer says:

    All of these tips are very useful and helpful. I especially like the parts about using common sense and knowing your destination. To build on that, I think it is important to know basic laws in the country you are traveling to in order to avoid mistakes or errors in judgment that can lead to severe consequences. For example, if you are traveling to Thailand, it could be wise to find an online Thailand law guide to become knowledgeable on laws regarding drinking, driving, scams, etc. It is unrealistic to familiarize yourself with complicated laws of each country you visit, but knowing abbreviated laws about issues that might affect you is a good idea. Getting arrested in a foreign country is complicated to deal with and certain countries may make it difficult to get in touch with your embassy to get the help that you need.