Pinq Taco, The Best Tequila Bar In Montreal

Pinq Taco Tequila Bar Montreal

Montreal is one of the best cities in Canada that offers great places to wine, dine, party and of course the best Tequila bar! So if you are searching for a Tequila Bar in Canada during your travels, Montreal should definitely be on your list of places to visit. While there are […]

Things I Learned Being A Canadian Living Abroad


I have come across many websites that talk about foreign nationals living abroad. They are not necessarily travelers and one doesn’t have to be a traveler to  be living abroad. These individuals share their experiences, adventures, emotions and how wonderful the experience that have been for them. For some, it is to […]

Best Sushi Places Around The World

Best Sushi

Japan is undoubtedly the heart of best sushi where best of the best sushi is served. However, not everyone has the luxury of hopping on a plane and go to Japan just to taste sushi due to work and many other reasons. Luckily, sushi has incarnated itself around the world so you […]

Camping: How To Be A Responsible Camper

Camping by the Lake

Camping is undoubtedly a great outdoor activity for kids, parents, friends and lovers to build strong ties together! It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a jungle. It could be on the beach, top of a mountain, a park or even the rooftop of your apartment complex. No matter what location you […]

Top 5 Hot Chocolate Cafes in New York City

Hot Chocolate

If hot chocolate is on your mind this winter season, you are not alone. Especially thinking about the upcoming Chocolate Festival in London. There is nothing more comforting than a good cup of hot chocolate when the weather gets chilly and your nose turns red like Rudolph’s. However, you should remember one thing […]