Best International Airports For Shopping


Shopping is something that most of us can’t get enough of. OK maybe ladies love it more than guys do but when we travel, and especially inside airports, we tend to shop for our family and friends. Duty free shops also catch our eyes with beautifully presented stores. Besides, it’s a good […]

8 Ways To Secure Your Home While You Travel


Going on a family holiday for few weeks is great and refreshing. However, having your home broken into while you are away is a scary thought. The loss of your personal belongings and a ruined house is not the news we like to hear while enjoying a nice holiday or upon arrival […]

How To Choose The Right Travel Companion


While traveling solo is a great experience, some trips are more enjoyable and cost effective when traveling with a travel companion. Choosing the right travel companion to share your trip is not an easy task though. What’s more, traveling with an incompatible travel buddy can really ruin your holiday too. The good […]

Information About Volunteering Abroad


When planning holidays, volunteering abroad probably isn’t something that comes to mind. However, volunteering abroad is a great opportunity to share your skills, enthusiasm and knowledge while immersing yourself in a unique culture and discovering new places around the world. I personally think volunteering abroad is a fantastic and life altering experience. […]

Holiday Remedies For The Broken Hearted


There are many things that inspire us to travel. Valentine’s Day, honeymoon, anniversaries and birthdays are the most common. However, there are other reasons too like relationship breakups. Believe it or not, being heart broken too has inspired people to travel. Especially the Hollywood celebrities who we hear quite often these days. […]