Travel Photo: Floating Fishing Boats In Weligama


The blue mystic ocean has always captured my attention no matter where in the world I travel to, and this award-winning picture was taken while I was on a trip to Weligma in Sri Lanka. This travel photo won me a fabulous two nights stay at one of the most exquisite boutique […]

10 Must See Buddha Statues In Asia


Asia is a place that has always inspired me when it comes to culture, religion and beautiful art. And Buddhism has inspired Asia with some of the world’s most beautiful art. Out of that, the ‘Buddharupa’ or the Buddha statues is notable. If you visit any of the Buddhist temples around the […]

Top 5 Luxury Shopping Destinations Around The World


Shopping on vacations can be one of the best ways to keep the trip going well. What’s more, cloths from your travels can bring wonderful memories of your vacation to your daily life. The part I love is making my friends envy by saying things like ‘Oh this? I picked it up […]

Summer Events And Festivals In Toronto


Toronto’s multiculturalism means excellent food festivals, especially during the summer time. Food festivals has become part of the local heritage in Toronto. It is a great way for different cultures to showcase their foods, and visiting one is a great way to experience different food. Here are few summer events and festivals in Toronto […]

How To Make Travel Complaints?


As a traveler, I have come across few times to make travel complaints about travel companies or airlines. I must say, I was satisfied 95% of the time with the customer service I received when booking flights or checking into hotels. However, that negative 5% of the time made me want to […]