How To Avoid Traveler’s Diarrhea On Your Trips


Traveling can be exciting and fun, but not so fun when you get traveler’s diarrhea. Surprisingly it is very common among travelers. There are two major reasons for traveler’s diarrhea. One is travelers not getting necessary vaccinations from their doctor before the trip. Second is consuming foreign water and food, especially street […]

Celebrate The American Craft Beer Week!

American Craft Beer Week

Cold beer! Now that I got your attention, I have some great news for you. American Craft Beer week kicks off next week in all 50 states! So no matter where in USA you are, you cannot miss this, unless of course you are below 21 years of age ;) American Craft […]

Coolest Spas Around The World


So you booked yourself into one of the coolest spas you know of, the massage table is ready and you are all set for couple hours of relaxing time. Doesn’t this sound like an usual spa weekend getaway we all are used to? Sure, after oil baths and massages, we feel great, […]

Travel Photo: Cat Cooling Off On A Hot Summer Day


When it is hot, some of us either grab a lemonade or take a trip to the beach. What do you think cats do? Well they do the funniest and most adorable things. My little cat couldn’t take the heat so she decided to invade the water bath for the birds to […]

Ping Pong Paddle Shaped Hotel In China

Ping-pong paddle shaped hotel in China

I enjoy staying in hotels, especially when the hotels are unique and offer unbeatable specials. At present, creativity in hotel industry is rising as it goes parallel with the tourism industry around the world. I often search for hotels that offer something special, something I will remember, be it the uniqueness of […]