Top 10 Destinations To Travel In 2010


2010 is here and I did my research to find the top destinations to travel in 2010. I’m sure you have heard of these amazing places but never got the chance to see why they are so amazing for a holiday. These hot spots to travel are listed in random order. So […]

Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill, Toronto, Canada

garlic bread

Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill is a fun, casual, energetic restaurant, which was one of the places I went often when I lived in Toronto. A cool feature at this bar and grill is that you can draw on your table! They provide a set of crayons as well. As much as […]

The Friendly Giants – Elephants


Elephants…the name makes us imagine magnificent creatures that are private, sensitive, gentle and herd – like friendly giants. Being the largest mammals of the continents, they are able to supply water from one riverbed to another by digging holes in dry riverbeds. They do this by using their trunk. Their large bodies […]

Club Villa Bentota, Sri Lanka

Sunset at Club Villa Bentota, Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a boutique hotel close to the beach that is not too crowded, and want to enjoy some relaxing time, Club Villa Bentota is the place to be. Club Villa is located in Bentota, the south west coast of the tropical island of Sri Lanka. It is a […]

Banff Calgary City Guide Canada


The natural beauty of Banff Calgary draws many tourists throughout the year. If you are visiting British Columbia or Alberta during your Canada trip, one place you must visit is Banff. It is a wonderful getaway for the city’s residents. The Town of Banff is in the province of Alberta and set […]