Visiting Casinos In India When You Travel

When considering a gambling holiday, India is becoming a popular vacation destination. Three different Indian states offer casino gambling to travelers around the world. The Indian state of Goa is home to many different casinos. The majority of these are located on riverboats while only a few are land based. The Dunes Casino offers some of the most extensive gambling options anywhere on the Indian mainland. When visiting the Dunes Casino, there is an entry fee that is charged, which amounts to 500 rupees. The casino is open 24 hours, which provides visitors gambling whenever they want it.

Roulette Table

Roulette Table | (c) Stock Photo By Mike Esprit

When gamblers visit the Dunes Casino on their travels to India, they will primarily find three different types of casino games. This would include American roulette, slot machines and automated derby games. All three types of games are also found at online casinos. Before traveling to the Dunes Casino, visitors could brush up on their skills in these three casino games. This is an especially wise idea, if they haven’t played in awhile. Many find it a bit more intimidating to play games such as American Roulette at a land based casino than at an online casino site like where they are afforded anonymity.

The game of American roulette is one of two most widely found roulette variations. The major difference with American roulette from its European counterpart is the wheel used to play the game. The American roulette wheel includes a double zero slot, which provides better odds for the casino. With just one additional slot on the American roulette wheel, the odds of the casino are doubled. Despite this advantage, many travelers enjoy playing American roulette because they can still potentially win sizable payouts. American roulette can be found at most online casinos, which can help new players learn the game prior to attending a brick and mortar casino.