7 Types of Bananas You Probably Didn’t Know About

When we travel, we get to experience different kinds of fruits and sometimes we find fruits we never knew existed. Of course we all know and love the golden yellow Chiquita bananas but did you know there are over 500 different types of bananas in the world? Those who have traveled to Asia or the Caribbeans may have tried few types of bananas. Even so if you start eating a different kind of banana everyday, it will take close to a year and a half to try them all. Here are few types of bananas to get you started.

Types of Bananas

1. Baby / Nino Banana

Types of Bananas: Baby/Nino Banana

Baby / Nino Banana | (c) Photo By Caribbeanpot

The Baby / Nino bananas are native to Columbia. These are about three inches long. They have a rich, sweet flavor with a creamy texture and is one of the smallest bananas available. These can be baked, sauteed, grilled and broiled.

2. Manzano Banana

Types of Bananas: Manzano Banana

Manzano Banana | (c) Photo By Alibaba

This type of bananas are usually grown in Asia, South America, Mexico, Caribbean and Africa. It is short and chubby with a mild strawberry flavor, how unique is that now eh? The banana also has a chunkier and a heavier appearance than the traditional banana we know. Manzano banana is also know as Apple banana.

3. Red Banana

Types of Bananas: Red Banana

Red Banana | (c) Photo By Photobucket

The primary growers are Cost Rica, Cameroon, Cuba and Jamaica. Many other tropical or sub tropical countries can grow this plant as well. The red banana is heartier and slightly sweeter than the yellow banana. When it is ripe, it has a maroon/purple skin. The flesh of this banana is punish or salmon color. As for the flavor, you can expect a hint of raspberry.

4. Burro Banana

Types of Bananas: Burro Banana

Burro Banana | (c) Photo By She Simmers

These bananas are native to Southeast Asia like Sri Lanka, but can be found in Mexico as well. The Burro banana is shorter and has squared ends. It is stubbier and more rectangular in shape. When ripe, the skin is yellow with black spots and the flesh is creamy white or yellow. The flavor is tangy and lemony.

5. Cavendish Banana

Types of Bananas: Cavendish Banana

Cavendish Banana | (c) Photo By Culinate

The Cavendish banana is the most popular banana if you live in Canada or USA. It is also know as the Chiquita because Chiquita is the globe’s largest banana producer. North Americans eat more bananas than any other fresh fruit. The Cavendish bananas originated from China and Vietnam. The flesh of these types of bananas are soft, sweet and taste very creamy.

6. Lady Finger Banana

Types of Bananas: Lady Finger Banana

Lady Finger Banana | (c) Photo By Lyricsdog

The Lady Finger banana can be found in Southeast Asia and Australia. The shape is like of a lady’s finger or some describe it as a cigar. The plant is actually enormous but the actual banana itself is thin and very sweet. It is great for a quick snack on the go or for decorating desserts.

7. Praying Hands Banana

Types of Bananas: Rraying Hands Banana

Praying Hands Banana | (c) Photo By Morning Joy's

The name matches perfectly for these bananas and probably the most unusual and distinctive of all banana fruit. These banana bunches are joined together that looks like praying hands. Some say it looks like a baseball glove as well. When it is ripened, it is possible to separate the fingers. These bananas taste like vanilla.

These are only a few interesting and exotic bananas that you might come across. They range from tiny to large with flavors from sweet to sour. So the next time you are traveling, try different types of bananas and don’t forget to write about it here too.

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    I hardly watch tennis but does he eat banana before he plays? Well there are 500 different bananas but if I get a chance, I’ll try to guess lol
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    Banana is also extremely good for health specially in boosting energy. Including just before you go jogging or workout. When you see Nadal playing against a strong opponent next time, just look and guess the type of Banana he is eating. lol
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