Innovative Travel Product: Backpacks Armed With Alarms

As a traveler I want my backpack to be secured though I may not carry a lot of valuable items. So I use a small padlock to keep it safe. However, what if a small padlock just won’t cut it for your backpack? Well have no fear. Introducing iSafe backpacks – backpacks that are armed with alarms! If you carry valuables on your holiday that requires more than padlock security, this is the perfect solution for you. Their line of laptop backpacks would come in handy as well, if you are carrying your laptop when you travel.

iSafe Backpacks

Alarmed Backpack

Alarmed Backpack | (c) Photo By jaunted

These iSafe backpacks look perfectly normal from the outside but on the inside they have a built in alarm, powered by two 9 volt batteries. To activate  the alarm:

  1. Lift flap that conceals the alarm
  2. Pull activation cord
  3. Re-insert pin to deactivate

The alarm gets triggered when a strap is pulled. The result, a sound that is louder than a car alarm. If unattended, it goes on up to tow hours. Flashing lights are involved as well so it is easier to spot a stolen backpack.

The downside to these alarm sounding backpacks are when our backpack’s straps get stuck, caught or pulled by accident when we travel. Passengers can witness an alarm with flashing lights when that happens. Moreover we can only hope such an accident will not happen when the alarm sounding backpack is in flight’s luggage compartment. It would sure make a scene in this high security age and time.

I for one carry stuff when I travel that requires only a padlock security. Bottom line is safety is important and we are not able to predict what might come up. With alarmed backpacks, we can be prepared. Browse through some of the iSafe backpacks on for best prices.

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