Beach Essentials For Him & Her

Sunny weather is still on and the beach is still calling but which beach essentials should you take? Of course we all have our own things we take on our beach holidays. These usually range from those stylish shades to latest beach tunes on our iPods. However, there are few items you should take to protect yourself from the sun, sand and waves. Here’s my list of beach essentials and some suggestions for your next beach trip.

Beach Essentials For Her

Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials | (c) Photo By Sweet Nothings

Shiseido Ultimate Sunscreen SPF 60 – $39

Yes, I know it is a pricy sunscreen but this is the best out there. Use the Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60 before head out to the beach. You can even add this to your daily routine before going out in the sun. The bottle is lightweight too and it smells delicious!

Bamboula Ltd. Market Tote – $63

This colorful, lightweight and fashionable tote is big enough to pack everything you need when you go to the beach. It is even perfect to hold your beach towel! These Bamboula totes that is made by a Kenyan artist is perfect for ladies who love both beach and fashion.

Tracey Watts Fedora Hats – $242

I am not much of a hat person but when you are out at the beach, a cute fancy hat will not only block the sun but will make you look stylish too. I came across Tracy Watts Fedora hats that even Jennifer Lopez wear. The great thing about these hats it, it blocks the harsh sun rays from touching your face.

Dopo in Crème by Nara Sandals – $99

Dopo in Crème beach sandals are fresh, feminine and really versatile. It is good for any woman, especially if you are allergic to rubber. Besides, why bother with cheap rubber flip flops when you can wear Dopo in Crème sandals and look like a million bucks?

Evian Cooling Facial Mist – $14

When you want to feel cool under the sun, nothing cools you off like Evian Cooling Facial Mist. This facial mist comes from the French Alps and allows your skin to absorb unique balance of beneficial minerals along with water. This is ideal for the beach or relaxing by the pool.

Beach Essentials For Him

Mens Beach Shorts

Men's Beach Shorts | (c) Photo By MadeInChina

iPod Nano with Multi-Touch Display and Built in Clip – $140

Of course our smartphones have everything including a MP3 player but instead of lugging your cell phone, grab a stylish iPod Nano with multi-touch display and built-in clip. This is the latest Nano from Apple, which lets you mix playlist to your liking using the “Genius” feature plus a built-in FM radio if you feel like listening to it.

Mizuno Classic Maple Bat – $60 to $100

After so much of bouncing a beach ball, what would be the next exciting beach activity? If you’re still thinking, think no further than a Mizuno Classic Maple Bat. It is perfect when you head out to the beach with your buddies. These bats are what the pros use so play ball, drink a beer and have fun.

Lambretta Sunglasses by Rag & Bone – $345

Why, you ask? These Lambretta Sunglasses by Rag & Bone work well under extreme beach conditions and protect you from the sun. Besides, when you buying a pair of sunglasses, it is best to buy the best that can be worn anywhere and last a long time.

Castaway Nobadeer Bathing Suit – $58

If you need beachwear that is sand-proof, lightweight and relatively cool looking, you have to have the Castaway Nobadeer Bathing Suit. You can wear these casual, cool shorts while in the water or while you walk to grab a snack.

Jade Spade Leather Flask – $125

There is nothing much to explain about this ;) Just in case there’s no booze around, you can bring your own in this Jade Spade Leather Flask and enjoy it with style!

There you have it, my list of beach essentials and some suggestions. What beach essentials do you stash in your beach bag?

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