Best Restaurants In New York For A Quick Bite

When you’re rushing from one location to the other in busy New York, you might feel like grabbing a quick bite from some of the best restaurants in New York. Food trucks and fine dining are two options too but if you’re just looking for good restaurants in New York to satisfy your hunger and budget, you’ve come to the right place. You could be looking to grab a nice juicy burger or even a seafood platter. These top five best restaurants in New York will offer you just that. Nothing too fancy but not hotdogs either. These delicious to-go meals will give a new meaning to the idea of a quick bite in the Big Apple. So without further ado, I present you my list of best restaurants in New York for a quick bite.

Best Restaurants In New York

Best Restaurants in New York: Caracas Arepa Bar

Best Restaurants in New York: Caracas Arepa Bar | (c) Photo By NYCHDR

Tehuitzingo Mexican Deli

Mexican food in New York gets a bad rap and for the most part, we’d say deservedly so. However, if you’re looking for one of the best restaurants in New York that serves authentic Mexican food, you just found it. This deli has aisles to the back of the store so no doubt you won’t be disappointed. At first glance, Tehuitzingo Mexican Deli looks nothing more than a Mexican grocery store. But soon enough you will discover things you find in your grandmothers kitchen. So don’t expect fine dining but delicious food, which is why it made it to my best restaurants in New York list.

Must-Try Food:

Pork lovers should try the rich Carnitas Tacos for $2.50 each. Beef lovers will find the Al Pastor is an excellent choice. It can be stuffed into a tortilla or a taco or served on top of a traditional “sope.” Try crusty rolls sandwiching avocado, tomato, mayonnaise, and your choice of meat.

Find It:

Set up at 695 10th Avenue, between 47th and 48th Streets, it makes for a convenient, casual bite before a Broadway show or a stroll down the park.

Caracas Arepas Bar

Not ready to take a trip to Venezuela yet but looking for best restaurants in New York to grab a Reina Pepiada? Stop by this New York restaurant called Caracas Arepas Bar. This is one of the best restaurants in New York for a quick bite where they serve piping hot ‘Arepas’ – Venezuelan corn cake sandwiches stuffed with delicious bits. For those of you who are looking for the full experience, don’t worry because Caracas Arepas Bar is so popular, and being one of the best restaurants in New York, you can dine there as well. I should however mention that there is usually a shorter waits at the take-out extension.

Must-Try Food:

The chicken with avocado salad Reina Pepiada ($7), shredded beef, sweet plantains, and salty cheese De Pabellon ($7.50) are excellent choices.

Find It:

There are branches in the East Village, Williamburg and Brooklyn. You can also find outposts at the Rockway Beach.


Vegetarians, if you’re in the search for best restaurants in New York for a quick bite, Taim is for you. An Israel cuisine that is cozily packed any given day with delights to come back for more. For true Israel drinks, you can try the exotic smoothies such as date-lime-banana and the refreshing mint lemonade at this top New York restaurant. They accept cash only.

Must-Try Food:

Falafel is the house signature. Also give the Sabich Sandwich ($7.25) a try with fried eggplant, Israeli salad and sliced boiled egg.

Find It:

Set on the West Village. There is a second location in the NoLIta (North of Little Italy) from May 01, 2012. If that was not enough, you can catch their Taim Mobile roaming around. Updates on its locations can be found on their website and via Twitter.


Take a walk to East Village foodie haven and find one of the best restaurants in New York – Porchetta. Take note and go as early in the day as possible because it gets packed soon. Porchetta is know for best pork in town, which is why they made it to the best restaurants in New York list. Porchetta was started by Sara Jenkins and Matt Lindemulder in 2008 so this is a fresh place. The smell of juicy roasted pork sandwiches and platters are just mouth watering. For those who are health conscious, the pork used is antibiotic and hormone-free from the Niman Ranch.

Must-Try Food:

The House Porchetta Sandwich ($10) is sinfully tender. The pork is slow-roasted and given a good dousing of spices such as garlic, sage, fennel pollen and rosemary. Also for a lighter diet, try the Chicory Salad with garlic dressing ($6).

Find It:

Take your sandwich to-go from the East Village shop and walk to the nearby Tompkins Square Park to enjoy.

Luke’s Lobster Roll

If you’re looking for some of the best restaurants in New York for a quick bite of lobster, best place to go is Luke’s Lobster Roll. Though there are plenty of restaurants in New York for Lobster Rolls, Luke’s tops them all. They use the freshest lobster meat around to make the perfect Lobster Roll.

Must-Try Food:

Try the classic Lobster Roll ($17) that has generous chunks of meat with a dash of Mayo and Lemon Butter, served on an airy bun.

Find It:

Luke’s has rapidly expanded from one humble shop in the East Village. There is also a location just a couple blocks away from the American Museum of Natural History.

There you go, the best restaurants in New York for a quick bite while you’re on the move. Of course these are my favorite places for a quick bite. Let me know if you have tried these places or if you have your own list of best restaurants in New York.

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  1. Great post. Food spots are always useful to know to grab a quick bite.

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    Nice Blog Shamis.


  3. Trip once says:

    New York Dining on a Dime

    Dining on the cheap in New York City isn’t nearly as hard as you may issue it’s. New York could be a city of the many nations in that there are most likely more nations represented within the dining choices of New York than any other city in the world. You’ll find wonderful food options that represent these several nations and won’t break your wallet. What an exquisite method to literally enjoy the flavors of the globe whereas on vacation!

    Rainbow Falafel is the primary place I suggest. This might terribly rather be the best falafel shop (if you’ll call it that) in New York Town. If you’ve got never tried falafel you are positively in for a tasty treat. Falafel is basically a ball of veggies and spices (chick peas, onions, garlic, and other goodies) that has been fried and placed into a pita together with tomato, hummus, lettuce, and yogurt. Getting hungry? We tend to’ve solely just begun.

    Gray’s Papaya offers the simplest hot dogs in the city, significantly when you think about the very fact that it is laborious to ruin hot dogs, especially when that’s all you do for the value. The price of course is what keeps packing the clientele in by the droves. Where else in New York can you get 2 hot dogs and a drink for two dollars? Be warned but that the décor and atmosphere are regarding what you’d expect in a restaurant that charged 2 bucks for the common meal and do not expect a Jimmy Buffet kind of atmosphere with umbrella drinks and neon colours.

    For hoagies of heroic or would that be epic proportions you really should attempt Tony Luke’s. The décor is straightforward and therefore the service is quick. You will not notice a huge menu or huge selection of specialty breads or carb friendly diet options here (there are some items however not a large choice). What you’ll get are mammoth sandwiches with lots of meat and maybe a facet of cheese fries and a soda to wash it down with. The food is nice and the value is right creating this one among the simplest cheap places to eat in town.

    Whether you see it as southern fare or soul food, the Soul Spot has it occurring. They supply many of the ancient Sunday dinner types of foods like fried catfish, fried chicken, and vegetables dripping in ‘drippings’ for those willing to risk the approaching heart attack. This food is certainly and fabulous example of the culinary delights one would expertise in the south whereas also being offered at a price that’s akin to what you would pay on a Mississippi Sunday afternoon. They do provide a lunch menu that’s a very little bit less costly than the dinner menu and either offers a nice worth for the money.

    Schnack is another establishment of inexpensive dining excellence in the nice massive city of New York. If you have got a Krystal’s or a White Castle in your space then you will get the concept of “Schnackies” which are terribly abundant like the burgers you may realize within the joints I’ve mentioned higher than. Be assured however that you furthermore mght have different choices if the cheap little burgers aren’t very your factor. If you create it in before five PM you’ll be able to have eggs nearly anyway you can suppose of getting them and if you have the time and the area you actually should attempt Harry’s Famous Warm Chocolate and Banana Bread Pudding. My mouth is watering from simply puzzling over it.

    The purpose to all of this, alternative than getting you smart and hungry was to let you recognize that despite its reputation for being an expensive place to visit, if you know where to appear you’ll not only realize low cost entertainment but conjointly low cost food. You can enjoy the most effective that New York City has to supply while not breaking your budget. And cheap isn’t essentially an unhealthy factor.