British Airways To Spray Signature Perfumes In Flights

Have you ever boarded an airplane and thought if there was a better scent being sprayed to the cabin? Well your wish just might come true sooner than late. British Airways has announced that they will be introducing a signature perfume onto their flights. It will make passengers feel as if they are in a luxury perfume store rather than stuck in a long flight. So how do you prefer your flight to smell like? Powder fresh, fresh grass or mountain spring scent?

Signature Perfumes In British Airways Flights

British Airways Signature Perfume

British Airways Signature Perfume | (c) Photo By British Airways

The scent is an idea of British Airways marketing chief who would like to replicate the experience of shoppers walking into a chic boutique. They already use scents in their Executive Lounge in Heathrow and want to implement the same on-board as part of their ‘Make Flying Special‘ marketing campaign. The scent details have not been released yet but I am guessing it will go along the lines of ‘Eau de ________’ :) This idea from British Airways is one of many ideas to improve the flying experience of passengers.

Personally, I like the flight to smell clean and unscented because not everyone is prone to smells or like to smell perfume, especially on a ten-hour flight. In fact, many people are affected by fragrances. Some symptoms include sneezing, headaches, asthma attacks and feeling very ill or losing the ability to think clearly. There are already travelers who wear strong perfumes; coupled with in-flight scent, the plane just might smell like a perfume store. Instead of adding chemicals to the air we breathe when flying, it would be better to add more items to their amenity kits.

What are your thoughts on this latest British Airways in-flight idea? Share your opinion below on the comments section.

6 Responses to “British Airways To Spray Signature Perfumes In Flights”

  1. Personally, I think British Airways should think of their passenger’s personal preferences. What might smell good to some might put off other passengers while traveling. At least they should asked their passengers first i they wanted to have a “signature smell” while on board.

  2. Sally Thompson says:

    The looks enjoyable.. I am so glad British Airways has concerns with the passengers..
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  3. Adeline says:

    I agree Shamis! My nose is pretty sensitive to certain scents and the last thing that I’d want is to have to deal with allergies during the entire flight. Still, it does help, especially after they serve meals. It sure beats you coming down the airplane smelling like airplane food.

    Then again, I have to also wonder if this is a way for them to market the perfumes they sell via their inflight shopping carts? :D
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    • Shamis says:

      It’s fine if they sell perfumes but spraying them will surely put off quite a few passengers :D Hope it won’t be a strong smell or a smell that will irritate fragrant sensitive passengers :)

  4. Sharon Hurley Hall says:

    I agree, Shamis, though a nice fresh scent might be better than stale airplane air on a long flight. Can you imagine the agony, though, if there’s a scent you can’t stand and you’re trapped in it for 8 hours or more?
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