5 Best Coastal Vacation Spots

With the sand between your toes, a salty breeze ruffling through your hair, and the freedom of the seas, ocean-based Caribbean cruises make for the ideal holiday for many. The best holiday is a coastal holiday, and swimming pools and lakes at resorts inland just aren’t the same. Bearing that in mind, here are some of the best destinations by the sea.

Amazing Coastal Vacation Spots

Coastal Holiday Spots

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1. The Caribbean

With hundreds of islands dotted around the deep blue sea, to go on a Caribbean cruise through this beautiful part of the world is to embark upon the experience of a lifetime. You can see the sights of islands such as Barbados, St Lucia, Aruba and Jamaica, while traveling in unimaginable luxury. When you dock into harbors, take day trips onto the islands, lounge on the beach, or do bike tours, snorkeling, and many other adventure activities available.

2. Seychelles

This is paradise in the Indian Ocean, with 115 islands scattered across the sea, white sandy beaches and leafy hills and boulders. Try the main islands of Praslin, Mahe or La Digue. It’s not just about sunbathing; the wildlife is amazing: you can go bird watching or spot giant tortoises in their natural habitat.

3. Miami

Miami is famous for its beaches, its nightlife, and its attractions: there’s no time to be bored! Go to the surf capital of South Beach, stroll along Ocean Drive to appreciate the Art Deco buildings lining the street, or get off the tourist trail and lounge at Key Biscayne.

4. Alaska

If the prospect of sunbathing and beaches doesn’t grab you but you’d like a coastal vacation, Alaska might be the ideal destination. With huge glaciers, lush and mountainous landscapes, and wonderful wildlife, a cruise to Alaska is an unusual but worthy choice. You’ll often bypass Glacier Bay National Park, the Hubbard Glacier and Juneau: a once in a lifetime trip.

5. Galapagos

These islands are a brilliant history lesson: this archipelago is where Charles Darwin observed the wildlife, which inspired his theories of evolution. Along with beautiful weather and blue seas, you’ll still see wildlife and landscapes. You could even join an expedition cruise and experience the wildlife up close: the animals don’t have an instinctive fear of humans and will allow to approach really quite near to them!

Nothing beats the sea air, so consider one of these fantastic coastal vacation ideas for your next getaway!

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    Great suggestions – even though you have been hard pressed for choice on this topic.
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    Interesting, thank you :)
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    A bit unusual maybe indeed but I always wanted to go to Alaska. It looks such a beautiful country, maybe I can make this happen next year.
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