Fake Reviews or Comments Could Face Legal Action

Are you a genuine traveler who leave reviews or comments once you visit a hotel or a restaurant? It really help hotels and restaurants to improve their services. However there are some who leaves ‘fake‘ comments. TripAdvisor – who became the world’s largest travel website last month, is cracking down such ‘fake’ comments. From now on, individuals that post fake reviews or comments, who cannot prove they were actual guests, are given two weeks to remove such comments or face legal action.

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TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Reviews

Kwikchex, is a reputation management company that represent over 800 hotels and restaurants. Their plan for the upcoming months is to publish a list of reviewers it suspects of posting fraudulent and fake comments.  Once the list of suspects are published, the websites concerned will be told to notify any of their so called ‘ reviewers’ on the list to make proper action.

Personally, I think it is a great idea. People who call themselves ‘reviewers’ who write fake comments can damage the reputation of businesses. These reviewers need to realize that not only can they be sued but they can face criminal prosecution. But if you can prove yourself for being at that hotel or restaurant, or you have asked the website to remove their comments (and it was not done), you are exempt from prosecution.

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