Flights To Honolulu From New York With JetBlue & Hawaiian Partnership

I bring good news today for travelers flying from New York to Honolulu because JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines introduced non-stop flights to Honolulu from New York. This was made possible by the partnership between JetBlue Airways and Hawaiian Airlines. What this means to you as a passenger from NYC to Honolulu is no more lengthy transits at the airports or worrying if your luggage made to the right plane. Hawaiian Airlines now flies non-stop between John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York City and Honolulu International Airport (HNL).

Non-Stop Flights To Honolulu From New York

Flights to Honolulu with Hawaiian Airlines

Flights to Honolulu with Hawaiian Airlines | (c) Photo By Mana Kai

Passengers whom have signed up for frequent flyer programs of either airline will benefit from this partnership as well. JetBlue Airways and Hawaiian Airlines announced the expansion of the partnership recently on flights to Honolulu. Members of JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines frequent flyer program can earn points for flying on Hawaiian Airline. To start earning points or miles on your flights to Honolulu, call JetBlue or Hawaiian Airlines reservation desk and register your TrueBlue or HawaiianMiles card number prior to traveling. Yes, it’s that easy!

Furthermore, both airlines took an extra measure by providing passengers a convenient connection between points throughout the West Coast and points throughout Hawaii. So if there is ever a connection on your flight to Honolulu, it makes it easy to find the most convenient connections between the two partner airlines.

If you want to find out more information on the partnership and flights to Honolulu from New York, visit Hawaiian Airlines website and JetBlue Airlines website.

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