Great Cities To Celebrate New Years Eve With Style

Once the Christmas is done, we all look forward to celebrate the New Years Eve. There are lot of ways to welcome the New Year. Sitting in front of the TV with popcorn and watching the countdown would be the boring one. However, for excitement seekers, I rounded up some great cities you can celebrate New Years with style. These vary from family friendly celebrations to wild night parties. If you have not planned anything yet for New Years Eve, see if any of these places excite you. You might also want to learn how to greet Happy New Year in different languages, if you’re taking the plunge.

Best Cities To Celebrate New Years Eve

New York City, USA

New Years Eve: The Crystal Ball In New York City

The Crystal Ball In New York City | (c) Photo By genslin

Where else would you want to be other than New York City to count down the New Years. Thousands of people gather at Times Square to watch the crystal ball drop from a flagpole, which weighs almost six tons. Once the crystal ball is done, the real celebrations starts – celebrity music performances, kissing couples and A-list parties to attend. Check out the New Year events before heading out to the Big Apple. It covers everything you need to know.

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Sydney, Australia

Sydney New Year Fireworks

Sydney New Year Fireworks | (c) Photo By Wikimedia Commons

If you want to be one of the first in the world to witness New Year, Sydney is the place to be. Festivities start around 8:00 pm at the Sydney Harbor. You are bound to see amazing fireworks and illuminated boat parades.

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Hong Kong, China

Fireworks In Hong Kong

Fireworks In Hong Kong | (c) Photo By QuickJump

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, it is the year of the rabbit, and brings ‘official’ New Year on February 3rd. However, the warm up activities are in the works. There are Technicolor night parade, lion dancers, fireworks, horse races and fortune tellers. All fun-filled activities to keep you busy this New Years Eve! Just make sure you master the traditional greeting – ‘kung hei fat choy‘ (wishing you success and prosperity) before you go to Hong Kong.

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Colombo, Sri Lanka

Fireworks In Sri Lanka

Fireworks In Sri Lanka | (c) Photo By circleofasia

Join the magic and holiday spirit in Colombo, the capital city of tropical island Sri Lanka. Quality entertainment and food will get the celebration started to the New Years countdown. There is always a huge and awesome crowd at many 5-star hotels by the beach to bring in the New Year in style. Don’t miss out on one of the top hot stops filled with glamor and excitement.

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Vienna, Austria

Vienna F ireworks

Vienna F ireworks | (c) Photo By Fodor's

Vienna will give you glittery for the New Year celebrations – everything from music to food. You will be entertained, guaranteed. Some say it is like New York because Vienna has a New Years ball at Hofburg Palace. Enjoy the concerts at Musikverein. If you like to wander around town, you will not be disappointed. You will be given a treat of opera and lessons in waltz too.

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What is your favorite New Years Eve destination?

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