iPhone Photo Apps For Travelers

Apple iPhones are one of the best mobile devices around, and travelers can really benefit from the many iPhone photo apps available. Travelers with Apple iPhones use the iPhone for shooting snaps, creating virtual tours, sharing photos and videos over social networks etc. Not to mention travelers need the best of the best iPhone photo apps to capture those instant travel moments. Have you gotten any iPhone photo apps on your iPhone yet? Luckily you can install some great iPhone photo apps from the list I have for you. To make it even easier to find the best iPhone photo apps, I have split them into three categories. So go ahead and install some of these photo apps for iPhone.

Best iPhone Photo Apps

iPhone Photo Apps For Travlers

iPhone Photo Apps For Travelers | (c) Photo By The Best iPhone Apps

Sharing iPhone Photo Apps

We’re not just talking about sending images to Twitter and Facebook with these photo sharing iPhone photo apps, although some of these apps do that too. The following iPhone photo apps primarily focus on helping you share the pictures you’ve taken with photo sharing sites or with people offline through print.

Postagram iPhone App

Postagram iPhone App | (c) Photo By Mashable


Like cards, Postagram lets you share your photos by creating post cards instead of greeting cards. Use it to write a quick post card to your friends and family while on a vacation. The app ties itself to Instagram, however. If you’re not an Instagram user, then you won’t be able to use Postagram. If you are, it makes a nice accessory app to the popular photo sharing and filtering app.


This new iPhone photo app lets you take your iPhone photos and turn them into quality greeting cards. The Cards app doesn’t have much in the way of interesting or unique features, but it makes up for it by letting you share the iPhone photos with loved ones without a lot of fuss.


Like Flickr, PhotoBucket lets you share and discover great photos. Upload all your best pictures, images, graphics, icons, and videos and share them by email or link them to your favorite sites like Facebook and Twitter. One of the best iPhone photo apps for travelers who want to share lot of pictures.

Support Photo Apps For iPhone

Even if you don’t shoot or transform your images with your iOS device, you can still use it to support your photo business or hobby. The following iPhone photo apps help photographers of any stripe enjoy their trade/hobby.

PhotoSynch App

PhotoSync App | (c) Photo By TechnoBuzz


PhotoSync gives you more control moving pictures wirelessly. Photosync moves images to and from the iPad, iPhone and your computer. It is one of the useful iPhone photo apps available to backup your iPhone photos you take while traveling.

Easy Release

Pro photographers will need to get models to sign a release to use their images professionally. Easy Release handles all that for you so you don’t need to carry a pen and paper. It surely is one of those productive iPhone photo apps that makes your life easier.


Photo365 photo app reminds you to take a new picture every day – the key to improving your photography skills. Use it as a photo journal to remember your year and organize the images in a calendar view. You can keep more than one photo per day and you can share them online.

Photo Editing iPhone Apps

The genres of photography, image editing, styling and sharing are among the most popular activities on iPhones now. This list of iPhone photo apps include apps that allow capturing, editing, styling and/or sharing photos for free.

Instagram Photos

Instagram Photos | (c) Photo By A Web For Everyone


Among other iPhone photo apps Instagram is the most popular with features like photo styling and sharpening. Instagram comes with beautiful filters, linear and radial tilt-shift blur effects and an auto-enhancement feature called Lux, that allows you to balance the contrast, tone and color of your photos with a single tap. This photo app for iPhone and other smart phones let you share your photographic endeavors on its network along with Twitter and Facebook, follow other users as well as view, Like and comment on photos uploaded by them.


Piictu is a simple iPhone photo app based on a unique concept that makes capturing photos all the more fun. Users can upload photos to Piictu’s network and reply to each others’ uploads with more photos or piics, as they are called. So if, for instance, someone uploads a screenshot of their favorite travel blog captioned “My favorite travel blog. What’s yours?”, you could reply with a screenshot of your favorite “Gawaya” travel blog :)


iRetouch, as its name suggests, aims to help you enhance your photos or clear even the slightest blemishes from them. The app supports basic editing tools (resizing, cropping, rotating and color adjustment) and a collection of advanced tools that truly hold it apart from other iPhone photo apps of its kind. These include selective blur, smudge and color adjustment (involves painting the chosen effect over the photo with a brush size, softness and opacity of choice).

For all the true traveling artists out there, you now have the best iPhone photo apps for your iPhone. Download the iPhone photo apps that best suit your travel photography needs or the ones which can make ordinary iPhone photos into a work of art. What iPhone photo apps do you use on your travels?

10 Responses to “iPhone Photo Apps For Travelers”

  1. Adele says:

    Great app suggestions, Shamis!

    For the photo sharin, I also use the Pinterest app. It allows you to share Your photos from your camera roll directly to my Pinterest account. I also found Instaplus really helpful too for editing. Aside from the pre-set filters, you can also adjust the saturation, brightness and contrast of the images that you take on your iPhone or iPad. It’s also got a lot of really neat and fancy borders for your photos. It ties also to Instagram.

  2. Eric Auxier says:

    Thanks again, Shamis. Very informative!

    I’m always trying to up the quality of my iPhone pics, as I use them on my blog as well. Standard digital cameras are soooo 20th Century!


    • Shamis says:

      Many times I wish the camera was with me but iPhone does a pretty good job, especially with these cool iPhone photo apps.

  3. This is helpful for me because I have an IPhone and also love snapping pictures with it.

    • Shamis says:

      I’m glad you found this helpful. I too use my iPhone often to take photos because it’s almost always available than the camera.

  4. Blonde and confused says:

    We both have a common love of photography and travel. It’s one of the reasons we found each other in the first place. The iPhone and iPhone photo apps have become our biggest source of photos recently. Using great apps such as hipstamatic when we want drama or punchy pics and pro hdr when challenged by lighting issues.

    You have found some apps here I have. It used but I will be adding a few to my ever expanding catalogue of photo apps for sure. Great work

    • Shamis says:

      Thank You for your comments! I am glad to hear that some of these iPhone photo apps will be added to your catalogue of photo apps :) Let us know how these apps work out for you. Enjoy!

  5. low cost hotels says:

    Indeed, having an iPhone allows you to travel wih ease. Come to think of it, the convenience of surfing the net, taking pictures, and having easy access to communication helps a lot!

    • Shamis says:

      It is truly wonderful to have such photo apps – makes our photo capturing and sharing moments more fun while we travel :)