My Cruise Destinations

For sometime I’ve been dreaming of boarding a cruise ship. Even as a kid I dreamed about what would it be like in the great ocean. Of course the dream as a kid was far fetched. The thought of going on a cruise came again to my mind when I saw a cruise ship while holidaying in Venice. As tempted as it was to get a ticket, my time in Venice was limited. So I had to pass on that opportunity. However the thought never left my mind. So here are my top three picks for amazing cruise destinations.

Cruise Destinations

Amazon Cruise

Cruise Destinations: Amazon Cruise

Amazon Cruise

I’ve always been in love with tall tropical green trees and the sight of sun rays peek through branches. Not forgetting the chance to see lot of animals in their natural habitat. What better place is there than the Amazon River. Hence Amazon cruise is my first pick for cruise destinations. I think it would definitely be one of those once in a lifetime experiences.

Antarctic Cruise

Cruise Destinations: Antarctica Cruise

Antarctica Cruise

Having lived in one of the coldest countries (Canada), you would think I have had enough of snow and cold. And most of you might think it is crazy, especially for someone like me to go to Antarctic. I know there is nothing much to see but ice, penguins and polar bears. But I think it is a place a traveler should experience. It is not a daily sight after all. So my second cruise destinations pick is an Antarctic cruise.

Europe Cruise

Castle Tower In Budapest | (c) Photo By Joiseyshowaa

Castle Tower In Budapest | (c) Photo By Joiseyshowaa

Who would not want to experience the rich culture of Europe. I think a European cruise is a good fit for travelers who want to see the history, art and natural beauty of Europe without having to navigate the roads, spend lot of time planning where to stay and where to dine etc. I’ve been on foot in Europe and loved it. So a cruise would definitely be a worthy experience. I have heard that most of Europe’s major cities were built right on the water and are impressive to see from the deck of a ship. Now can you imagine the view?

These are my picks of cruise destinations that I would love to go on a cruise. Have you been to an amazing destinations on a cruise?

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