Oktoberfest Tips And Tidbits

As the month of October gets closer, the buzz for Oktoberfest is going full swing. The 178th Oktoberfest is already happening in Munich, Germany that says everyone to get ready for pretzels and beer! This annual event is one of the most famous events in the world, and the world’s largest fair with over 5 million people attending every year. While you are hitting the Oktoberfest tents and beer gardens, be sure to follow these tidbits to enjoy it to the fullest.

Get Ready For Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest | (c) Photo By 46137

How To Get There?

Once you are in Munich, how to get to Oktoberfest might be a concern for you. The best way to get to the Oktoberfest is Munich’s public transport. Going there by car is not recommended, as there are almost no parking possibilities. So have a look at the Munich Public Transport to help you get around during Oktoberfest.

Enjoying Oktoberfest

What To Wear

No need to get your gowns and suits out because the dress code is not strict. However, wearing T-Shirts that says ‘I survived Oktoberfest’ does scream out ‘tourist. It is better if you stick to attractive traditional costumes or just regular everyday clothes. If you are a girl, you can wear a pretty Dirndl – Bavarian dresses, which comes in many colors. When it comes to shoes, high heels sure look nice and pretty with a dress, but with the amount of walking and the rides you might want to try, the best choice might be a pair of flat sandals.


The only authentic drink that you will be seeing and drinking at Oktoberfest is beer, even for women. So if you are looking for a glass of wine, you will be out of luck. Be cautious however, that the beer brewed for Oktoberfest has a higher alcohol percentage than the average. Oh, when clink your glasses you can say ‘Prost‘, which means ‘cheers‘.

When it comes to prices for beer and non-alcoholic beverages, this year’s prices has gone up. Depending on the tent and brewery, a ‘Mass’ – a liter of beer, will cost you between €8.70 and €9.20. If you don’t drink any beer, you will be affected even more as a liter of water will cost you around €7.

Flirting Code?

Oktoberfest attracts people from all over the world. This is a great time to flirt with others, if you like. Flirting is in fact so popular during this event that there is even a secret code for flirting. Guess you would like to know huh? Well for all the ladies out there, if you tie a bow on your Bavarian dress on the left-hand side, it tells others that you are single. And if you have it on the right hand side, hopefully men will know you are taken :) And for the men, well sorry no bow for you but I’m sure you will be noticed by the ladies at the festival.

Food At The Fest

Like beer, the food will match just that at Oktoberfest. Everything from candy floss, roasted almonds, pretzels, fried sausages to chicken and mackerel on a stick. So if you are food conscious and watching your weight, forget about it while at Oktoberfest. The pretzels itself contains 500 calories. But hey, eating that is a good excuse for dancing right?


There’s no doubt you would want to dance at Oktoberfest! However, don’t look for superstars to appear, rather dance away to folk music, which is very popular at the event. Be sure not to swing your hips in the aisles or dancing on the tables – it is forbidden and banned. That doesn’t mean you can’t stand up on the benches and dance away to ‘Sweet Home Alabama‘.

How To Beat The Lines

The best way to beat the lines is to go to the sides of the beer tents. While you are at it, don’t forget to keep a smile on your face – it works wonders! Beer tents tend to close by lunchtime when they have reached maximum capacity, so make sure you get in early and grab a beer or two. Tipping the waiters and waitresses is highly recommended and it will guarantee you a quick service for the next round of drinks.

Last but not least, be on alert when you are holding your glass of beer for the toasting song – Ein Prosit. It will be happening every 15 minutes so you won’t miss it. Seeing tourists change the lyrics to the sound of the song is a favorite sight to see as well (cough). So learn the lyrics with correct pronunciation so you can shout it out loud! Who knows, you might even get a wink or two from the handsome German men!

Munich Accommodation During Oktoberfest

If you plan to travel to Munich for Oktoberfest and need accommodations, there are great deals for a good budget. Here are a few to help you out:

Leonardo Royal Grand Hotel Munich

Located beside the Olympia Park in Munich, Leonardo Royal Grand Hotel Munich is a 4-star hotel that offers modern wellness facilities, an international restaurant with large terrace, and easy underground connections to Munich city center.

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Eurostars Grand Central Munich

The 4-star Eurostars Grand Central is just 600 meters from Munich Central Station. It offers a stylish spa with indoor pool, soundproof rooms with free Wi-Fi and a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine.

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Intercity Hotel Munchen

This 4-star hotel is situated 100 meters from Munich Train Station and offers free use of local public transport. InterCityHotel Munchen offers soundproof rooms and free Wi-Fi to its guests.

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Sofitel Munich Bayerpost

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost is a 5-star, historic 19th-century building, which features Avant Garde architecture. All rooms are air-conditioned and include a king-size bed, flat-screen TV and an exclusive Nespresso coffee machine.

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So if you are ready for great beer, pretzels and enjoy the night away, join Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and have a ball!

5 Responses to “Oktoberfest Tips And Tidbits”

  1. October fest is one of the most interesting events i attended to. I love to attend the event and drink BEER
    Sri lanka holiday recently posted..Legendary rock cave of pre-historic manMy Profile

  2. Adeline says:

    I’ve heard that it’s really great. To tell you the truth, I haven’t really tried going to one, partly ‘coz I’m not really a beer drinker. But I might consider going to some of their events this year. :)

    I’m actually hoping I’ll get enough funds to head over to Munich next year as well. What say we go together? :)
    Adeline recently posted..Wine Fiesta Philippines 2011: A Wine Festival by the Straits Wine CompanyMy Profile

    • Shamis says:

      From all the buzz that I hear about Oktoberfest, there is no doubt it is great :)
      I am not much a beer drinker either, but for some reason their beer is good, as I have tried some while I was in Germany a few years back. We can always enjoy the events and the food :)
      Not a bad idea about going next year, lets keep that in mind when the time arrives :) It will be fun!

  3. Adeline says:

    Unfortunately, I’ll have to schedule experiencing Oktoberfest in Munich. :( Right now, I’ll just have to settle for the Oktoberfest events here in Manila. It’s definitely nothing compared to the one in Munich, but it’s still got a lot of flavor and certain parts that makes it uniquely Filipino, too.

    Are you heading over there for the Oktoberfest, Shamis? Would definitely look forward to your pictures and posts about it. :)
    Adeline recently posted..Travel to Japan for Free with MUJI to GO Travel PromoMy Profile

    • Shamis says:

      I am sure Oktoberfest in Manila will be great :) . The one in Munich is definitely the place to be to experience the ‘true’ Oktoberfest for sure! I could not make to this years Oktoberfest, but I am hoping for next year :)