Libya And Muammar Muhammad al Gaddafi

No matter where you are in the world, you will hear the name Muammar Muhammad al Gaddafi and country Libya, as the country is going through an unimaginable time right now. So I though I give a little insight to all the inquisitive readers and travelers planning to visit Libya as to what […]

8 Ways To Customize Your Backpack

Backpacks of many travelers look pretty boring. I am talking about the look from the outside of travel backpacks. You got yourself a backpack like thousands of travelers out there. Nothing interesting, am I right? Avid travelers don’t really pay that much attention to their backpacks most of the time because it will […]

Why Your Next Vacation Should Be A Cruise

It is no secret that as travel enthusiasts, we love to take exotic tours of the amazon, stay in all inclusive resorts on the Caribbean Islands, climb the snow capped mountains and enjoy the world in any and every way we can. However, at times we forget that cruising is a very […]

Obtaining A Passport For Your Child In Canada

It is undoubtedly a big day for everyone in the family when we decide to take a trip to a foreign country. Adults know the basic drill – pack your bags, read the guide books and grab your passport that is valid. However, traveling with infants is another story. They can’t pack […]

Travel Photo: Sweet Dreams Chimpanzee

Admiring animals is one of my so called ‘fun’ things to do. While I was at the Frankfurt Zoo in Germany, I walked passed this chimpanzee that was sleeping so comfortably as if there are no worries in the world and taking a good nap in the middle of the day. I […]