5 Common Travel Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Every writer including travel writers love to become prominent contributors in no time. Especially when we start off fresh in the travel writing world. There are so many ideas and words flowing trough our heads. We always have a pen and paper or a digital device close by to jot down our thoughts. […]

Business Class Travelers Demand Adults Only Cabins

When you travel, there is nothing worse than boarding a 10-hour flight only to find that you are sitting near a toddler that cry or scream continuously. Trust me even the best headphones will not block that noise. Only thing we can do is to pray that they fall asleep soon. A […]

Recent Earthquake Moves Japan By 8 Feet

The unimaginable and powerful 8.9 magnitude earthquake unleashed a tsunami in Japan last Friday. This natural disaster appear to have moved the main island Japan by 8 feet and shifted the Earth axis by nearly 4 inches! “At this point, we know that one GPS station moved (8 feet), and we have […]

Travel Photo: Field of Lavender

Field of Lavender

While I was walking along a road in Frankfurt, Germany I sensed a nice smell. That smell reminded me of being in a spa surrounded by scented candles. I looked around to find a beautiful field of lavender flowers. Lavender is one of my favorite flowers so I spent a little time […]

Sri Lanka Named A Travel Hotspot For 2011

As proud as I am to be a Canadian, I am always proud about where my roots are – Sri Lanka. British newspaper ‘The Independent’ has named Sri Lanka as the Travel Hotspot For 2011. In a recent article by the newspaper titled 2011’s Tourism Hotspots: What To Do In Sri Lanka, […]