Strange Items Left Behind At Hotel Rooms

Many of us who travel probably have left behind an umbrella, souvenir or a scarf at the hotel room. Many of us don’t even realize it until the next time we want it. Most of the time these are just minor things we can live without. However, you would be surprised to know […]

Fish And Wildlife Conservation In USA

“To conserve, protect and enhance wildlife and their habitats” – this is something you don’t hear everyday but the awareness of wildlife and its conservation is becoming more and more popular. Wildlife conservation ensures that it will be around for future generations to enjoy while educating the importance of wildlife. Many nations […]

Travel Photo: Monkey Visitor

You never know who will come knocking at your door, or in this case who will be in your backyard playing on top of the trees. I had the pleasure of capturing this monkey playing on top of a papaya tree one afternoon. These monkeys are called Toque Monkeys, and they are […]

iPhone Translator App For World Travelers

Do you remember the times you needed an iPhone translator app to translate text that was in a different language? This happens to many travelers when they go to a foreign country. It could be either to read the menu or road signs. Whichever it is, an iPhone translator app is a […]

2010 – The Year of The Mobile Traveler

In my opinion 2010 can be declared as the Year of the Mobile Traveler. I think many of you will agree with me. However this new year could bring even more mobile travel technologies. So we can expect many more mobile travel apps, and everything will be available at a touch of […]