Bottled Water Vs. Drinking Water Fountains At Airports

We all love water especially when we travel. And it is nice to have a refreshing cold bottle of water after walking under the hot sun. When it comes to water bottles at airports, aren’t you fed up of the ridiculous prices? With all the security regulations that are in place at airports, […]

Aircraft Approved Refillable Perfume Atomizer For Travelers

As I was packing my bag for a trip recently, I realized that it is a nuisance to carry a huge perfume bottle. Trying to get perfume into a smaller bottle is a hassle too. I’ve never been able to master the art of perfume transfer from one bottle to another. And […]

Smart Travel Dresses To Make Life Easier

Smart travel dresses is something every woman who travels look for. In fact it is a must in every fashion conscious traveling lady’s bag. Comfortable, cute and washable travel dresses are dresses that is easy to pack, wrinkle free and fancy enough to wear for an evening drink. It should also be […]

In-Flight Tips To Make Your Journey Enjoyable

I’m a huge fan of flying so I’m always in the look out for in-flight tips. I love the window seat by the wing. Don’t ask me why, I just do. During the flight, I’m the one who is wide awake while others are fast asleep. I would be watching movies, listening […]

Travel Picture: Hippopotamus In Love

Hippopotamus In Love At The zoo in Sri Lanka | Photo By Salika Wicks

If you love animals like I do, you would definitely capture amazing scenes of such animals when you travel. However I doubt Hippopotamus is your top pick for photographs though I could not resist these hippopotamus lovers in the Zoo of Sri Lanka. Take a look and it will for sure make […]