Souvenirs: Great Idea To Remember Your Trip

I always grab souvenirs when I travel to remember my journey. It doesn’t matter if I was at an exotic destination or at a local city. I guess it’s my way of recalling what made the trip special. The souvenirs doesn’t have to be extravagant or cost a fortune. It just need […]

Inspiring Travel Quotes

Have you come across some great travel quotes that inspire you to travel the world? They sure have for me. Traveling and writing about it is something I really enjoy. Recently I wrote my 100th post about Castles along the Rhine river in Germany. I was looking for some travel quotes today. […]

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

If you love ice cream or just want to taste some exotic flavors, I have just the place for you to go – Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination so it will be a treat. It will be a double treat if you can spot this ice cream shop […]

Travel Photo: Herd of Majestic Elephants

I’ve been in love with these friendly giants since I can remember, and every time I see an elephant it amazes me as if it the first time. If I could, I would have an elephant as a pet but since that is not possible, I take every opportunity to see these […]

Most Amazing Runways Around The World

As you may already know, the ideal location for a runway needs ample space, endless flat ground, favorable winds and great visibility. Those are the things that make a great recipe for an A-class runway. However that might not be the case in real world, and engineers are forced to work with […]