24 London: The Best High-Tech Club In The World

If you think your local bar is the coolest in town, think again. We know our local bar is cool and we also know there are lot more cooler clubs out there. This glamorous club promises to be the most technologically advanced bar and nightclub in the world. We are not talking […]

Fourth Richest Man’s £630M House In Mumbai

Now what would I do, if I had £630 million? I can think of million things but what does Mukesh Ambani, someone with that kind of money does? Simple. Buy a house in Mumbai, India for him and his family. That is however not the ‘oh my gosh’ factor. House of Ambani […]

Castle Along The Rhine River In Germany

Europe is famous for castles, and if you want to see castles while traveling in Germany, you can do so simply by taking a boat ride along the Rhine river. You are bound to see castles in Heidelberg, Mainz, Darmstadt and Hanau all within 1 to 1.5 hours drive from Frankfurt. So […]

10 Things About Canada You Probably Didn’t Know About

As a proud Canadian allow me to tell you 10 great things about Canada. I am no expert in the historical matters however, but there are some interesting facts you might be interested in knowing. I mean, I must admit, some people already know much about Canada. For instance, former president George […]

How Much Alcohol Should Airports And Flights Serve?

Most of us like a bit of alcohol at times maybe straight, on the rocks or as a great cocktail. This is why I buy some whiskey or vodka from the duty free shop when I travel, so I can treat the people I meet at my vacation destination. However when alcohol […]