A Breathtaking View – Columbia Icefield, Canada

Columbia Icefield is the largest of the chain of ice fields along the border that separates Alberta and British Columbia in Canada. It is a true ‘ice wonder’ for its melted water that feed streams and rivers, which pour into the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans. The route to the Columbia Icefield […]

Rock Legends Influenced Rock And Roll Hotels

Rock and Roll music has influenced the whole world and now you can find Rock and Roll hotels around the world. These Rock and Roll hotels are influenced by famous musicians from past and present. Some of the best known artists that has influenced these Rock and Roll hotels include Jimi Hendrix, […]

L’Oreal Makes Sweet Sailings With Costa Pacifica Cruise Ship

L’Oreal Paris is the truly global beauty brand with innovation, glamor, quality and affordable luxury! Costa Pacifica is the cruise ship that is enchanting, bringing happiness and pure pleasure. When you combine the two, you are getting yourself a treat beyond your wildest imagination! L’Oreal has opened its first store on […]

Your Tweets Can Make You Be On The ‘No-Fly’ List

If you ‘tweet’, you are one tech savvy person…or should we say, like most of the world out there right now? Everyone tweets, from keeping up with friends to promotion to sharing information. And then you would hear a story about popularity of tweeting. This is one such story. You may already know […]

Barcelona International Airport’s Terminal T1 Debut

As the air travel increases and in-flight features upgrade, airports step up their features too. Barcelona International Airport is one such airport. Being one of the top ten airports in Europe that has over 100,000 passengers a day, and predicting to greet over 30 million a year, Barcelona International Airport has introduced […]