How To Be Fashionable When Traveling

Traveling by air is already a hassle but do you really have to dress like an overweight luggage? Whether you’re heading to conquer Mount Everest or to enjoy sunny Malibu, flying in style won’t harm you. In fact, it will pay off well. Studies show that you’re treated much better when you appear […]

Funny Signs Around The World


When we go on vacations, we get to see some funny signs. This happens a lot when we go to a foreign country whose primary language is not English. So, trying to say something in English could turn in to a camera moment as a funny sign. Then there are countries whose […]

City Guide To Colorful Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo Attractions: Gangarama Temple

Colombo Sri Lanka, the colorful, vibrant and commercial capital of Sri Lanka. It is a mixture of modern lifestyle and colonial ruins. The city of Colombo, being the largest city in Sri Lanka, is home to around one million people. Colombo Sri Lanka port is also here, which is one of the […]

8 Exotic Cocktail Recipes For Your Pleasure

People like exotic cocktail recipes for various reasons – besides wanting alcohol in the drinks of course. Common belief is that cocktails bring people together hence you often see business cocktail parties. This social activity is a conversation starter as it helps people to loosen up a bit. For those who might […]

Most Unusual & Fascinating Festivals Around The World

Weird, Unusual, Fascinating Festivals of the World

Most of us love a good festival. At the same time many of us know only about famous festivals such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year. If you’re curious like me, you’d probably want to know about lesser known festivals around the world. I guarantee you that some of these events will […]