Party At Privilege, The Biggest Club In The World

When it comes to Europe, entertainment has a high priority among locals and tourists alike, and Spain is one of the top European holiday destinations for entertainment. Many visit Spain because of their nice weather and beaches, apart from a happening nightlife. If you are looking for a place to party while traveling in Spain, Club Privilege Ibiza is the place to be. Recent celebrity clubbers to Privilege includes Madonna and Diddy. What’s more, it has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the biggest club in the world!

Privilege, The Biggest Club In The World

Inside Club Privilege Ibiza

Inside Club Privilege Ibiza | (c) Photo By Discotecas de Ibiza

History of Privilege Ibiza

In the 1970’s Privilege Ibiza was nothing but a swimming pool. It was then transformed in 1978 into one of the famous clubbing spots in the world, after it was purchased by former Spanish footballer Jose Antonio Santamaría. Previously known as the Ku, in 1980’s it was a playground for the rich and the famous. The club was known for wild parties in an open air environment, which surrounded lavish gardens and swimming pools. Due to sound regulations, in 1990’s a roof was put in place. Ku was then reborn in 1995 to what is now called the Privilege Ibiza. It hosts legendary Manumission parties and adult parties every Monday. To this day, it provides clubbing on unprecedented scale for parties by Tiësto and Supertmartxe.

Inside The Club

Inside Club Priviege

Inside Club Priviege | (c) photo By Priviege Ibiza

If you are going to Privilege Ibiza for the first time, it is likely you will get lost. The place is so huge, it is easy to get separated from your friends. But hey don’t worry, you will make new ones so you can party til the sun comes up. Once you enter club Privilege, you will have to go down a massive staircase and guess what? You will then be right in the middle of the world’s largest dance floor. You might need a moment to take it all in! At the center of the dance floor, the DJ is suspended above a swimming pool. There are various sections to the club. Depending on the day the party changes it is. If you want to dance, this is the one and only place to be because it is all about dance music at the club.

Getting There

Privilege is located on the town Ibiza – San Antonio Road. When coming from Ibiza, the club Privilege is on the right side of the road and you won’t miss it. After all, it is the world’s biggest club. If you drive there, you should be careful as the Ibiza-San Antonio Road is one of the most dangerous roads in Spain. If you want to drink alcohol, leave the car home and take a taxi. Better yet, you can take one of the FREE BUSES to club Privilege that depart every 30 minutes from Ibiza Harbor.

Club Privilege Dress Code

This is Ibiza and this is club Privilege so just come and be yourself. If you check their gallery you will see that nearly every combination of clothing and/or bare skin has already been seen at Privilege. Ibiza is the place to express yourself – do it!

Hours of Operation

Club Privilege opens at midnight! Yes, it is a club so rest well after your day travels and be all energized for the night. To avoid long queues on the door you should enter before 2:00am. On some special nights they may even have other opening times. Check their calendar to avoid disappointment.

Prices At The Club

Prices vary between 20 to 50 Euros. As for the drinks, Vodka is about 12 Euros and a beer is 10 Euros. It is suggested that you buy your tickets online to save trouble at the door.

Just before you go, remember this is not for the faint hearted. Prepare yourself for erotic dance offs and music that will move you like you never knew. Expect to see the sunrise, if you’ve got the stamina, because the closing time is certainly not going to stop you. This is the ultimate club experience all you party animals will get!

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