Plan The Perfect Trip Itinerary

So you are finally ready to take few weeks off to travel. You finally selected the perfect tourist destination you have been planning for months, if not years. So what are you going to do once you are at the destination? Do you know the tourist attractions there? How about their opening times? Yes, it’s time for some more research. You can go through travel guidebooks, travel blogs, friends’ recommendations and various other resource to create your itinerary. Alternatively, you can simply go to Plnnr.

Plan Your Trip Itinerary With Plnnr

What Is Plnnr?

Plnnr Travel Planning Wizard

Plnnr Travel Planning Wizard

Introducing your new best friend in travel – Plnnr! This FREE travel tool, as the name suggest, “plan” your trip in detail for you, starting from the hotel you will be staying to the time it takes to reach an attraction at your holiday destination.

Plnnr collects up-to-date information from the best sources online, and make sure the information provided to you is accurate. Its sophisticated scoring algorithms will then find the best places for you to tour in your chosen tourist destination. Of course they don’t have all the cities in the world though they keep adding new cities to the list. They however have the most popular tourist destinations such as Paris, Barcelona, London, Rome, Toronto and few others.

How Does It Work?

With Plnnr, you get to decide what you want to see out of what Plnnr suggests, unlike with some tour guides. It will make sure you have enough time to visit the places you love. While it suggest attractions for you to see, it will also ask for your preferences. If you really want to see a place that Plnnr advice against, you can say so and it will be included in your itinerary. Similarly, if you do not wish to see a suggested tourist attraction, you can simply say so and it will be removed from your travel plan. Every attraction on your itinerary will be detailed and simple to use. Most of all, each day will have its own list of tourist attractions and places to visit. Generated itinerary will include directions from one attraction to another so you won’t be lost.

How To Use It?

Plnnr was created by travelers, for travelers. So you can be sure its usage is practical. Using Plnnr is easy as ABC. It has a simple wizard with only five questions. Based on your input, it will create a detailed trip plan for you in a matter of seconds. If you want something changed, you can customize the itinerary at your will. It will then regenerate the itinerary for you with your customizations. Once you are happy with the trip plan, you can print it and share with your family, friends or fellow travelers. Plnnr does not share any of your details or of your tours with anyone so there are no privacy concerns you need to worry about.

Plnnr is undoubtedly one of the greatest travel planning tools out there. It will only become more popular as time goes by. Did I mention it is free? So if you are planing your next holiday, why not try out Plnnr? After all, they are sure that you will not be disappointed.

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