Planning An American Sports Road Trip

If you love sports, you should definitely plan at least one American road trip that is centered on watching sport. America has some of the greatest sports stadiums in the world with miles of roads surrounded by beautiful scenery connecting them. With a well-planned road trip you can take in some iconic venues and watch some of the biggest matches while enjoying your vacation. Planning a road trip in advance is essential; poor planning will likely result in a frustrating journey with a lot of time wasted. Make sure you get your vehicle checked, pack suitable clothes, use a free budget template so you know what you can spend each day, and plan your route and fuel costs.

Planning An American Sports Road Trip

American Sports Road Trip

Roadway Through Mountains

How Far Should You Go?

Your road trip will largely be dependent on time and budget. A week will allow you to take in one or two cities; a month will allow you to take in several states. Your budget will mostly be used on fuel, accommodation and eating, and tickets to some big sports events. If you are traveling on a tight budget during the spring or summer, you should consider camping as an option between cities. This greatly saves on both accommodation and dining costs.

When visiting sports venues it is always best to book a hotel near the venue so that you can be sure to enjoy the moment to the max.

Get Smart with an App

A good mobile App will help you plan your journey by providing route information along with contact details for motels and restaurants in the area. Using a navigation App will ensure that you do not get lost; you don’t want to take a wrong turn on a road trip.

Book Online

Booking online can greatly speed up your journey planning time; why waste time on the telephone when you can book by Internet and get email confirmation? For example, if your road trip takes you into Philadelphia, you cannot afford to miss seeing the Philadelphia Phillies; check out when they are playing at home and plan your journey around it.

Plan for Delays

When planning a trip, always plan for delays by giving yourself more time than you need to drive between venues. Ideally leave a day to spare before each venue; this not only reduces the stress of the journey should something go wrong, it also gives you the opportunity to take in some sights.

Sports Museums

A sports road trip does not have to be just about catching some big events. Visit some sporting museums where you can relive some of the glory days of America’s top teams and learn how various sports have evolved over the years.

The Great American Outdoors

Of course, even if you are the most devoted sports fan, your road trip must still involve exploring the great American outdoors in all its glory.

If you decide to catch the Philadelphia Phillies, drive through the Brandywine Valley where you will witness amazing scenery along with glimpses of the early 20th-century extravagant lifestyle America enjoys in the region. This area is featured in National Geographic’s Drives of a Lifetime and really is not to be missed.

Where you go on your sports road trip ultimately depends on which teams and sports you wish to see. Just make sure that your plans allow you to enjoy some of America’s awe-inspiring scenery along the way.

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