Singapore Airlines Unveils Its Latest In-Flight Feature

Who is not excited when their favorite airline introduces a cool in-flight advancement? I will be excited for sure. We already have in-flight WiFi, satellite TV, seat-to-seat messaging and touchscreen menu ordering. So what is next? Singapore Airlines, one of the best airlines that also offers a great amenity kit has come up with a new innovation to their collection of aviation advancements.

Latest In-Flight Feature of Singapore Airlines

e-Magazine by Singapore Airlines

e-Magazine by Singapore Airlines | (c) Photo By Australian Buisness Traveller

This new feature is the ability to read digital versions of magazines with e-Magazine on your seat-back TVs. Since May 2011, Singapore Airlines facilitate you to flip through a selection of 20 international magazine titles including Wall Street Journal, Prestige, Elle, The Economist and Bloomberg Businessweek. Unlike on paper magazines, you can do keyword search, personalize font size, let auto-scroll and set different zooming levels to aid reading. What’s more, all the e-magazines will be in high resolution, which will be easy on your eyes compared to paper magazines. This new in-flight entertainment feature naturally promotes a paperless environment, which is highly commendable.

Currently this in-flight amenity is available on their Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300ER fleet though it will be introduced for other planes gradually. They also hope to extend this feature to include e-newspapers, e-books and a wider selection of international and local magazines. You can check if your Singapore Airlines flight has the e-Magazine feature when you book the flights via their website.

The one drawback I see is that the e-magazines are available only when the in-flight entertainment system is turned on. That means you will not be able to read during flight takeoff and landing. But I am sure we can find other things to do to keep ourselves occupied during that time. So leave your paper magazines at home and try the new e-Magazine when you fly with Singapore Airlines – one of the best international airlines to fly.

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