10 Best Global Food Markets In The World


A holiday is not a holiday unless you enjoy the country’s best delicacies at food markets. Having food doesn’t always have to be fancy at a high class restaurant with expensive bottle of wine and caviar. There is nothing wrong with eating at kiosk or at a food market. It could be […]

Get Ready For September – The California Wine Month


California – The Golden State and the production city of superior award winning wines! Don’t forget the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who proclaimed the month of September as “The California Wine Month”. The month of September will be dedicated to celebrating the history of wine making and its contribution to the wine industry.
For […]

Jack Tree Thai Restaurant Colombo, Sri Lanka

Jack Tree Thai Restaurant, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Jack Tree is one of the few unique and stylish authentic Thai restaurants in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Although the name suggest a Sri Lankan jack fruit tree, this Thai restaurant offers some tasty Thai food to fill your taste buds. I fulfilled my craving for authentic Thai food at Jack Tree several […]

Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill, Toronto, Canada

garlic bread

Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill is a fun, casual, energetic restaurant, which was one of the places I went often when I lived in Toronto. A cool feature at this bar and grill is that you can draw on your table! They provide a set of crayons as well. As much as […]

The Bavarian German Restaurant Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Bavarian

The Bavarian German Restaurant Colombo is one place I go to every time I visit Sri Lanka. Located in Galle Face Court, The BavarianĀ German Restaurant Colombo has been running since 1983. It has an authentic German setting and fares to live up to your expectations. The service and the food are both […]