Travel Secrets To Save Big On Your Trips

With US dollar depreciating against major currencies right now, many of you might think twice about a trip to a foreign country. Vacations to popular destinations like France, Spain and England is going to be expensive but what if you still can save cash by traveling smart, regardless of your vacation destination? These travel […]

My Top 6 European Holiday Destinations

Are you looking for European holiday destinations but have no clue as to where in Europe to go? Or are you concerned about the budget? Don’t settle for a camping holiday just yet because there are great European holiday destinations that won’t break your bank account. Here are my top 6 destinations […]

Why Your Next Vacation Should Be A Cruise

It is no secret that as travel enthusiasts, we love to take exotic tours of the amazon, stay in all inclusive resorts on the Caribbean Islands, climb the snow capped mountains and enjoy the world in any and every way we can. However, at times we forget that cruising is a very […]

Things NOT To Do After Returning From Abroad

You have been abroad for a while and now you are back home. You have become more worldly, more cultured and very excited to share your overseas experiences with your family and friends. You feel like a changed person spiritually but everyone else is the same! And if that was not enough, […]

Sri Lanka Named A Travel Hotspot For 2011

As proud as I am to be a Canadian, I am always proud about where my roots are – Sri Lanka. British newspaper ‘The Independent’ has named Sri Lanka as the Travel Hotspot For 2011. In a recent article by the newspaper titled 2011’s Tourism Hotspots: What To Do In Sri Lanka, […]