Travel Photo: Beautiful And Colorful Fish

Unless you go scuba diving, one other place to see some beautiful and colorful fish are at the aquarium. I saw these vibrant fish at the National Zoo of Sri Lanka. I thought it was the lights that made them this colorful but it was just the fish themselves. Beautiful, aren’t they?
Colorful […]

Travel Picture: Hippopotamus In Love

Hippopotamus In Love At The zoo in Sri Lanka | Photo By Salika Wicks

If you love animals like I do, you would definitely capture amazing scenes of such animals when you travel. However I doubt Hippopotamus is your top pick for photographs though I could not resist these hippopotamus lovers in the Zoo of Sri Lanka. Take a look and it will for sure make […]

Travel Photo: Misty Waterfall On A Tropical Island

Waterfalls can be magical to watch, if you ever have the chance to catch a glimpse on your travels. I had that exact opportunity as I was on a road trip in Sri Lanka. As we were driving, I could see this from a far so we had to stop to take […]

Travel Photo: Eco-Friendly Hotel In Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Eco Friendly Hotel

If you happen to be a traveler who is also a nature lover and care about our eco system, an eco-friendly hotel like this one could be your best bet. Beautiful lush green trees, the bay filled with fish and birds all around the place would sure to give you some […]

Travel Photo: Tropical Palm Tree Closeup

Whenever I visit a tropical country, I love to sit under a palm tree (coconut tree) to enjoy the shade while sipping some coconut water. I also love the flavor coconut adds to food. I’m sure you all have had coconut too but how many of you have seen what it looks […]