Travel Photo: An Elephant Strolling Down The Road

Elephant on the side of road

How many of you had the opportunity to experience an elephant walking by while you were sitting in your car? Of course I never expected this but it was one of those days where I was lucky enough to see an elephant strolling down the main street with his keepers. Good thing I carry […]

5 Destinations To See Colorful Flowers

Colorful flowers has always been an eye catcher for me no matter what country I travel to, and whether it is at a garden or down the street. Flowers to me bring out imagination, touch my heart and make me smile. This could be true for many others too. When you visit […]

Top 3 Greenest Forests of The World

We lose 13 million hectares of forests of the world every year, according to United Nations. Considering all the brands of extra soft and ultra soft toilet papers and all the junk mail we receive, it doesn’t come as a surprise. In order to make awareness, UN has designated 2011 as the […]

Amazingly Colorful Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

On a beautiful sunny day with some drizzling, we can expect to see a nice, colorful rainbow. It is probably the only natural thing we can think when it comes to seeing multiple colors in one place. What if I told you that you can also see the same colors on a […]

Travel Photo: Sweet Dreams Chimpanzee

Admiring animals is one of my so called ‘fun’ things to do. While I was at the Frankfurt Zoo in Germany, I walked passed this chimpanzee that was sleeping so comfortably as if there are no worries in the world and taking a good nap in the middle of the day. I […]