Information About Volunteering Abroad

When planning holidays, volunteering abroad probably isn’t something that comes to mind. However, volunteering abroad is a great opportunity to share your skills, enthusiasm and knowledge while immersing yourself in a unique culture and discovering new places around the world. I personally think volunteering abroad is a fantastic and life altering experience. […]

Holiday Remedies For The Broken Hearted

There are many things that inspire us to travel. Valentine’s Day, honeymoon, anniversaries and birthdays are the most common. However, there are other reasons too like relationship breakups. Believe it or not, being heart broken too has inspired people to travel. Especially the Hollywood celebrities who we hear quite often these days. […]

Passport And Visa: Why, How And Where

Passport and visa are the two most important documents you need to travel the world. Without these, you are tied down to the sofa wishing you could have traveled to Caribbeans this summer. This is why you should get these before even think about looking for cheap flights, and it is always […]

Some Concerns And Tips For A Rental Car

So everything is planned for the holiday but one simple matter is still on the fence – do you want a rental car or not? Of course we love renting cars and driving around admiring countryside and big cities. However, it does add to the cost of the trip. On the flip […]

What To Expect In Foreign Toilets

If you are like me, you are a bit ‘iffy‘ when it comes to traveling and toilets. This is not much of a worry, if you travel domestically in the USA or Canada. However, if you are traveling internationally, you might run into some surprises when nature calls. It is a given […]