Thomas Cook Airlines Introduces inflight PSPs

Thomas Cook Airlines is going to replace its free in-flight entertainment systems with hand-held PlayStation PSPs. Now that is a treat :) Or is it? You be the judge of this technology savvy that is being introduced with Thomas Cook Airlines!

The device from Thomas Cook Airlines will be rented for £7.50 per flight. Now some of you may think its a bit on the pricey side, but there will some of you who will jump on this deal for sure and some will pass on this opportunity.

New i Pads in Thomas Cook Airlines

New i Pads in Thomas Cook Airlines | (c) Photo By Cash For iPads

Along with Thomas Cook Airlines, other Airlines that has introduced this is US based Frontier Airlines. In the meantime Australian Jet Airways has plans to become the first airline to rent out i Pads. It is estimating a cost of AUD $ 10 to hire the device. The i Pad will contain pre – loaded e books and feature films as well. Pretty handy with all the new technology advances we have.

According to Ian Derbyshire, Thomas Cook Airlines chief executive officer,  only 1 in 10 passengers used the airline’s existing in-flight entertainment. Hmmm interesting don’t you think? When you are in a 15 hour flight, you have two choices. First one sleep, or second one watch the free entertainment. Personally, I see a lot of passengers watching the free entertainment that is given. I rather watch the existing in flight (FREE) entertainment then paying to watch the same film on a tiny i Pad :)

I’m waiting to see how this phase of the PSP and i Pads will last with Thomas Cook Airlines cause as I know from traveling to buy a cookie on the plane almost $5 :)

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