Top 10 Most Annoying Airline Passengers

I love flying but I also don’t like annoying airline passengers! The thrill of looking through the window during take off and the amazing view while on air. However, flying is not for everyone. Especially when  the flying experience at times are not so pleasant due to other airline passengers. Here is a list of most annoying things passengers do while on an air plane.

Most Annoying Airline Passengers

Annoying Airline Passengers

Annoying Airline Passengers | (c) Photo By Martha Stewardess

Armrest Huggers

Who has the power over the middle armrest is always an annoying airline passengers issue. If you are ever in this position, and trust me I have, it causes many elbow fights with airline passengers. What I do is wait until they go to the bathroom, and then its my turn to use the armrest!

Seat Kickers

There’s nothing more annoying than than airline passengers sitting behind constantly kicking the seat. Sometimes you wonder if they do it on purpose. You turn around and give them a look but they just don’t get it at times. Oh don’t forget when they grab the seat when standing up for balance when you are sound asleep.

Smelly Passengers

If you are on a bus, you can get off at the next stop or change seats or stand but when you are flying over the sky at 32,000 feet there is no escape! Airline passengers who have body odor or bad breath are the worst people you can imagine sitting next to you. One possible solution is to spray some of your perfume liberally.

Talkative Neighbors

As soon as you sit and get yourself all comfortable with headphones on, a good book to read or just dozing off, the ‘passenger’ next to you feels that they need to tell you their life story. Do we really want to listen to it when the flight is for 12 hours…no! I guess the only polite way to escape is to pretend you are sleeping, or they have too much to eat and drink they fall asleep before you do.


Having to sit next to airline passengers who is sniffling and coughing all over your face gets the hair on my arm stand up. You get on the air plane after a very relaxing holiday only to find yourself next to a sneezing and coughing passenger who doesn’t know manners…for the entire trip…great! You get on the air plane with no issues and by the time you land, you got sneezes as well.


Most airlines are very strict these days about drunk airline passengers or letting airline passengers get drunk. However, some airline passengers are not controllable when it comes to drinks. It is very annoying when you have to sit beside a drunk, especially when they are loud, obnoxious and irritating. Sometimes there are more than one drunken airline passengers around where you sit. Again, like for any other annoying airline passengers, just pray that they fall into sleep fast.

Rude Passengers

We all save up for that luxurious trip and purchase our plane ticket. Then board a flight excited, and you see some airline passengers who expect the cabin crew to be at their every single call – and they are not eve in business class!  Cabin crew have very specific jobs and a very limited timescale to fit them all into.  However some airline passengers are screaming at them to bring more drinks, extra pillows etc is totally disrespectful and rude. There is a limit of what the cabin crew duties are and they do those to the fullest. When you are just pure rude to them, that is just not right.

Overhead Locker Hoggers

You get on an air plane nice and early, found your seat and placed your hand luggage in the overhead compartment directly above you. Then comes your annoying passenger who is sit beside you, shoves your bags to one side or just puts it somewhere else and puts his overfull luggage there. What ever happened to manners? For a person like me who is not that tall, the worst thing is when they move the bag in a way I am not able to reach it.

Unruly Children

Children are not easy when it comes to traveling with them but it is not always the kids that is the problem. Rather the adult accompanying them. Kids are kids and they will be no matter they are on the ground or on air. Flights can be long and boring for small children and keeping them entertained is not easy either. However parents who ignore or do nothing to try to amuse their children are simply ignorant.

Pungent Picnicker

I enjoy my flight meals. The smell of them coming through the air plane usually makes my mouth water. However, what if you are sitting next to one of those airline passengers who bring their own picnic on board? Always pulling something out of their picnic bag and you wonder what the smells are. Cheese and egg salad sandwiches!

Do you have any annoying  airline passengers stories to share, please do below!

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