Top 10 Honeymoon Beach Destinations

For most of us, looking for the perfect honeymoon beach destination is a search that will take weeks or even months. The challenge lies on finding the perfect honeymoon beach that has perplexed travelers for ages. It’s more than just sand and waves but that’s a good place to start. While we all know that the quality of the sand and clarity of the water are important factors for a perfect honeymoon, the scenery must be as beautiful and the water must be swimmable. What’s more, the selected honeymoon beach should fulfill all your romantic desires whether you’re looking for a moon-lit walk along the beach or a candle-lit dinner overlooking the sea. With these in mind, here are some of the best honeymoon beach destinations in the world.

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations

10. Turks and Caicos – Bahamas

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations: Turks Caicos Beach

Turks Caicos Beach | (c) Photo By SUP Junkie

Turks and Caicos is a small chain of islands just south of Bahamas. What you will find is a secluded Caribbean honeymoon beach paradise with some of the world’s pristine beaches and unspoiled nature to explore. You can stroll along the sugar-white sand that stretch for miles. It is no surprise that magazines such as Sports Illustrated magazine have chosen to photograph their swimsuit edition in this idyllic beach setting. If you are a couple who wants to explore where you are going, you might be interested in knowing that this is the home to 3rd largest coral reef system on Earth! So honeymooners looking to sail along the coastline or snorkel in the transparent aqua blue water or enjoy a candle lit dinner, Turks and Caicos is the honeymoon beach for you.

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9. Copacabana and Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations: Copacabana Beach

Copacabana and Ipanema Beach | (c) Photo By SeLuSava

If you are a couple who like your beaches warm but your parties hot, check out the sultry honeymoon beach of Copacabana and Ipanema. Rio de Janeiro is the South American paradise for honeymooners. Sip a caipirinha or many other exotic cocktails by the beach and watch exotic beauties (guys and gals) as they strut their stuff down the sandy runway. Don’t be surprised to see Gisele look a likes sporting tiny bikinis and perfectly shaped men passing around a soccer ball. Of course when the sun goes down, bars and nightclubs will be at your reach to party the night away as a couple at this honeymoon beach.

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8. Red Beach – Santorini, Greece

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations: Village Of Oia In Santorini

Village Of Oia In Santorini | (c) Photo By Surreal Places

While Greece has many charming beaches, this crescent shaped Red beach is one of the most unusual beaches in Greece. Due to the special geographical features and ancient volcanic activity, the shore is red and black. Though the color of the beach ma not interest you, it is a popular honeymoon beach among honeymooners. If the sound of honeymooning on a villa by a scarlet lava cliffs and iron rich rocks entice you, go ahead take a trip to Red Beach. Know that this is not only a honeymoon beach destination but a heavy partying destination during the summer.

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7. Grand Case – St. Martin, Puerto Rico

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations: Grande Case Beach

Grande Case Beach | (c) Photo By Conlawprof

If you are looking for a sophisticated beach honeymoon, look no further than one of the most sophisticated islands – Grand Case, which is located 190 miles east of Puerto Rico. Though you would be expecting a mix of Latin music and a bowl of salsa, expect a melange of European culture fusion instead. If you are searching for unbelievably delicious food, you will get just that at Grand Case. A former fishing village has become the culinary epicenter now in the island, if not the entire Caribbean! If you believe in the saying ‘the way to the heart is through the stomach,’ then this is the honeymoon beach for you. Enjoy boulevards of gourmet beach side bistros against a backdrop of turquoise waters in this exquisite honeymoon beach destination.

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6. Haad Rin – Thailand

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations: Haad Rin Beach

Haad Rin Beach | (c) Happy Time Blog

If you are a couple attracted to wild nightlife and casual romantic encounters, this honeymoon beach in Thailand may be for you. On each month on the full moon day, you will be joined by international honeymoon seekers at Haad Rin, say about 20,000. Don’t be surprised if you see young yoga travelers from all around the world come to this honeymoon beach to enjoy local whiskey and get hypnotized by fire eaters and throbbing techno music. You’re guaranteed to loosen your shoes and even maybe your clothing somewhere along this sandy honeymoon beach cause you know it won’t be the same when you go back home!

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5. North Shore – Oahu, Hawaii

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations: North Shore, Oahu

Surfer On North Shore Beach | (c) Photo By My Opera

North Shore found in the deep blue Pacific, is a volcanic tropical island in Hawaii. This is perfect for a secluded honeymoon beach escape with that special someone. The island stretches more than seven miles with natural beauty and wicked waves for the surfer inside you. During the summer, it’s the perfect honeymoon beach. You can take strolls in the day and romantic dinners in the night as the waves are nearly flat. However, if you’re looking for some excitement, October and March is great for intense surfing while honeymooning.

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4. Wreck Nude Beach – Vancouver, Canada

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations: Wreck Beach

Evening Sunset At Wreck Beach | (c) Photo By GotSaga

If you are comfortable in your own skin, then you should head out to Wreck Beach. Free yourself, embrace your inner hippie and head out on a beach honeymoon – one of the most famous ‘clothing optional’ beaches in North America. This might be not your first choice of honeymoon but at least you will have some unique stories to tell when you go back home :) Here you can buy tie dye t-shirts and sarongs and handmade jewellery, or just sit back on the beach while the naked stroll with cold beers and coconut juice in their hand. Join these free-spirited Canadians as they lounge ocean side, play Frisbee, do Bare Buns Run and strut what their mamas gave them. It will be a honeymoon that no one else has experienced!

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3. Boracay – Philippines

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations: Boracay Beach

Boracay Beach | (c) Photo By Paynepat44

Philippines is not only rich with culture but also has pristine beaches. Boracay is only a 30 minute flight from Manila. It’s only five miles long and less than a mile wide but ranks as one of the sexiest and top honeymoon beach destinations in the world. You will find areas that are tourist hubs while other areas are more for soaking up the Philippines culture in a more romantic way. This honeymoon beach is very popular and known for the powdery sands and clear aqua water. Get active as a couple in a variety of water sports like scuba diving or boat riding around the island. Boracay is, no doubt, a wonderful honeymoon beach destination for fun in the sun.

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2. Bikini Beach – Uruguay

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations: Bikini Beach, Punta del Este

Bikini Beach, Punta del Este | (c) Photo By Fantisy Artis

Bikini Beach is very popular and draws upscale crowd of models, millionaires and of course honeymooners. Looking to escape the heat and just enjoy the breeze of the waters, Bikini Beach is perfect. This coastal resort is where the elite get to see and be seen. So why not join in style on this great honeymoon beach destination as a couple? Lounge on upscale resort yachts, enjoy drinks, chic casinos and nightclubs complete with velvet ropes. No matter what type of a honeymoon you are looking for, there is a sexy honeymoon beach playground for any type of honeymooners here.

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1. Manly Beach – Sydney, Australia

Best Honeymoon Beach Destinations: Manly Beach

Manley Beach | (c) Photo By Jason James

There are dozens of gorgeous beaches in the golden coast of Australia but nothing beats Manly Beach. A popular choice among cosmopolitan Australians, tourists and honeymooners. If you are looking for a honeymoon beach getaway, this is the perfect place. Sit back, catch some waves, worship the golden sun, toss back in a comfortable lounge chair and enjoy a drink. If the ‘land down under’ is on your honeymoon plan, go ahead and enjoy the laid back atmosphere with your special one on this honeymoon beach destination. It’s going to be a relaxing honeymoon beach getaway for sure.

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With these top 10 honeymoon beach destinations, you can narrow down your search and focus on grabbing the latest swimwear and bikini for your honeymoon. So what’s your honeymoon beach escape going to be?

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    They all look like lovely beaches but I really would love to go once to the one in Santorini.
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    All the destinations look inviting; I like Copacabana and Ipanema.
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