Travel Do’s And Dont’s To Save You From Disappointment

When we travel there is so much to remember. Where did I keep the money, did I lock the kitchen window, where is the hotel room key and the list go on. On top of that, sometimes we do things that make us go ‘what was I thinking‘ in our heads. This doesn’t get any easier if you’re traveling in a foreign country or on a cruise ship vacation. To save you from such hassle and disappointment, here are five travel tips you can follow when you start packing.

Travel Do’s And Don’ts

Canadian Passport

Canadian Passport | (c) Photo By ukrainians

Keep your passport current

You should always have a current passport. You never know when someone will invite you to Paris for the weekend. Many countries require that your passport has a certain amount of time left on it – typically six months. Otherwise they can deny your entry to the country. So why take the risk right?

Know the latest airport security and luggage requirements

In today’s flying world, there are never ending security rules and they are subject to change anytime. So make sure you check the latest updates on Transportation Security Administration website before you head out of the house.

Always carry your ‘street smarts’ when you travel

Don’t think that you are safe all the time when you are in a foreign country. Always be on the watch. If you plan to carry a credit card, make sure it is not just stuck in your jeans pocket but in a secure place like a zippered pocket. If you have a second credit card, leave it in the hotel safe.

  • For men, you should never put the wallets in a back pocket
  • Don’t get into a taxi without noting the cab number and the name of the driver
  • Don’t carry a package for someone else
  • Don’t buy something from a person who offers you a great deal on the street, especially if you have to follow them somewhere
  • Don’t assume all passengers are trustworthy
  • When leaving your hotel, take a card with the hotel’s name and address

Read about more street smarts travel tips here.

Know the destination you are traveling to

Make sure you learn the cultural do’s and don’t before you travel to a foreign destination. For example, in Thailand, people should not show the soles of their feet or shoes in public because it is considered an insult. Women traveling to Egypt or any other Muslim countries should not go outside with bare shoulders. And avoid Western customs like asking to put your left overs into a ‘to-go container’, they will think you have lost your mind.

Immerse yourself in the experience

Don’t get stuck behind a camera while you are on a vacation. I think best memories are made by enjoying the view. Don’t expect everything you encounter on your vacation to be like home either. Enjoy the difference. Some of the wonderful joys of travel are the differences.

Bottom line, never stop exploring and traveling – it truly does enrich our lives. Just make sure you are prepared and have fun where ever you travel.

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