Travel Photo: Cashew Apples

We come across various kinds of fresh fruits on our travels to foreign lands. Some we’ve heard of like apples and some we are not too familiar with like different kinds of bananas. Today’s travel photo is about a fruit that many of you may not familiar with, called cashew apple. You may however, know it as the fruit we get cashew nuts from. Cashew apple is a pear-shaped tropical fruit. It radiates a very sweet fragrance. The top part of the cashew apple is often a mix of yellow, orange or red in color. The fruit is soft, spongy and juicy. It is usually eaten fresh with a hint of salt and pepper to supplement its light sour taste. The bottom part, which is gray in color is the actual cashew nut shell. The inside of the cashew nut shell, which is the cashew nut can be roasted and eaten like peanuts, and is very tasty. You can find cashew apple fruit in countries like Brazil, India, Spain, Sri Lanka or Africa. So if you happen to visit any of those countries, make sure you try this fruit and its nuts as well.

Cashew Apples

Fresh cashew fruits on a cane plate

Fresh cashew fruits on a cane plate | (c) Photo By Salika Jayasinghe

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