Why I Travel The World…A Picture Story

We all travel the world for different reasons. Some do it to spend their annual holiday, some do it for the adventure, and others do it for the love of travel and for its beauty. I travel because nature gave me two legs so I can walk around the world, two eyes […]

Travel Photo: Hikkaduwa Beach By The Evening

Sunset At Hikkaduwa Beach, Sri Lanka

If you love the beach as much as I do, there is a beautiful place that you would want to go. It is Hikkaduwa in coastal area of Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa is truly a tropical paradise for sunny weather, blue ocean and beach, surfing, snorkeling, corals, turtles, shopping and total relaxation by […]

Amazing Views From Loos Around The World

Have you ever wished that you had some amazing views while in the loo instead of a rack of magazines and towels to stare at? Well you are not alone. It crossed my mind too. A bit of research found loos / bathrooms with amazing views from around the world with some […]

Travel Photo: Frozen Niagara Falls Canada During Winter

Niagara Falls is beautiful not only in the summer but in the winter too. During winter, the water flows in voluminous milky white color. Niagara Falls is renowned for many things. Mainly for its beauty, as a valuable resource of hydroelectric power, huge tourist attraction, favorite spot for honeymooners and movie making. […]

Travel Photo: Monkey Visitor

You never know who will come knocking at your door, or in this case who will be in your backyard playing on top of the trees. I had the pleasure of capturing this monkey playing on top of a papaya tree one afternoon. These monkeys are called Toque Monkeys, and they are […]