Airport Security Full Body Scanner Comic

Airport Security Comic

I probably don’t have to explain in detail about the recent airport security measures that we all are aware of. Some find it good while others are utterly irritated. While the added security measures is a good thing for travelers, doing it in a rather humane way would have been nice. Either […]

Travel Photo: Morning Tea At Cozy Private Balcony

Having your morning tea or coffee should be so much more than turning on the coffee machine or putting a tea bag in your cup. It should be set with comfortable pillows and biscuits to a nice sunny view. Now that is exactly what I got when I woke up at Club […]

Christmas In Sydney – Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour Sydney, Australia

Australia is one of the countries that embraces a new day before the rest of the world. Christmas is no different to Australia as they celebrate it way ahead of the rest and especially from where I am. This has created Australia a country that people want to see especially during Christmas […]

Travel Photo: Coffee Bean Tree With Coffee Beans

Ummm…the smell of a steaming and warm cup of coffee coming from the kitchen in the morning is what we wake up to. But have you seen the beauty of coffee bean trees? I had the chance as I was hiking, and didn’t forget to capture a snap shot of this coffee […]

Travel Photo: Glowing Christmas Tree

Christmas is around the corner and you will see amazing Christmas trees decorated with ornaments and lights where ever you go…be it at the Mall or at a friends’ house. After all, this is the season to be festive! Here is a picture of my own little Christmas tree that I decorate […]