Smart Travel Dresses To Make Life Easier

Smart travel dresses is something every woman who travels look for. In fact it is a must in every fashion conscious traveling lady’s bag. Comfortable, cute and washable travel dresses are dresses that is easy to pack, wrinkle free and fancy enough to wear for an evening drink. It should also be casual enough to wear during the day to go sight seeing. Here are some easy breezy beautiful travel dresses that would make your travel packing a bit easier.

Smart Travel Dresses For Women

Columbia Departure Dame Travel Dresses

Travel Dresses: Columbia Departure Dame Travel Dress

Columbia Departure Dame Travel Dress | (c) Photo By altrec

This is a simple black travel dress that is cozy, super soft and perfect when you travel. It dries quickly and has UPF 50 sun protection too. An elegant scoop neck lets you showcase jewelry, if you are going out in the evening. The longer sleeves provide coverage, and it is not too tight either. Not just for traveling but it is perfect for the office as well. A good investment for wardrobe collection.

Patagonia Bandha Dress

Travel Dresses: Patagonia Bandha Dress

Patagonia Bandha Dress | (c) Photo By Steep Planet

Patagonia Bandha travel dress is a very popular among travelers. It is light weight with knit jersey material, which keeps moisture away and comfortable in hot weather. The “V” neck is a bonus. What’s more is that it will not get wrinkled, and keeps dust away.

The North Face Women’s Abby Convertible Dress

Travel Dresses: The North Face Women's Abby Convertible Dress

The North Face Women

These cute little travel dresses are mid-weight, brushed fabric with UPF 30. What is exciting about these travel dresses is that it converts into a skirt with pockets. Two in one dress is definitely a plus when traveling.

Tommy Bahama Tambour Surplice Dress

Travel Dresses: Tommy Bahama Tambour Surplice Dress

Tommy Bahama Tambour Surplice Dress | (c) Photo By femmefatalemiddletown

Tommy Bahama Tambour Surplice is stylish and requires you to take extra care. It should be washed with cold water and dry flat. This is however good for a vacation that would not require you to do loads of laundry. This travel dress is also wrinkle resistant and is good for cooler climates as it has three quarter length sleeves.

Patagonia Women’s Long Sleeved Margot Dress

Travel Dresses: Patagonia Women's Long-Sleeved Margot Dress

Patagonia Women

Patagonia Women’s Long Sleeved Margot dress is graceful, smart and elegant for travels. Perfect for any occasion, and made from organic cotton so it is super comfortable against your skin. The style of a “V” neck and a three quarter length sleeves make it perfect for variety of occasions.

These are some of the best smart travel dresses that will make your life easier when traveling. Of course they are not comparable to designer wear but you would for sure appreciate the convenience and comfort it gives. So if you’re in the look out for smart travel dresses for your next vacation, why not consider one of these?

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