Best Christmas Songs To Lift Your Holiday Spirit

Don’t you just love listening to Christmas music everywhere you go these days? I have always loved Christmas music. Listening to Christmas music on radio while going to work and on TV in the evening while having dinner sure has gotten me in the Christmas spirit. All I need now is some […]

Ongoing Airport Security Madness

There has been so much of talk in the past month or so about airport security. It would be nice to see the end of airport security rules like having to remove your shoes, the limit of liquids to carry and the newest rule – to arrive at the airport three hours […]

Are We There Yet? – That Question You Here From The Back Seat

If you travel with kids, you know exactly what I am talking about when you read the title of this post. If not, picture this. Your long awaited trip is finally happening. You have everything packed and you are on your way. About half an hour into the journey you hear this […]

Things At Airports That Annoy Me The Most

As much as I enjoy flying and being in the air, airports are not on top of my list. They tend to stress and annoy me at times. The list goes on about airports, everything fr waiting in line to check in to snobby airline counter agents. When I’m at the airport, […]

Amazing Houses Around The World

As kids, we often picture ourselves living in amazing houses that are perfect with a picket fence and a nice garden. Some dream of living in a castle and others dream of living on the moon. The imagination is endless when we are small, and living in such amazing houses would absolutely […]