Funny Signs Around The World


When we go on vacations, we get to see some funny signs. This happens a lot when we go to a foreign country whose primary language is not English. So, trying to say something in English could turn in to a camera moment as a funny sign. Then there are countries whose […]

Things Airlines Don’t Want You to Know

airline water

Come to think of it, the average traveler knows only a little about what’s involved in the daily operations of commercial airlines. Most of us are just concerned about going from one destination to another, safely. But how much do you, as a traveler, should know when it comes to the air […]

Summer Holidays: Do Mom’s Really Have a Holiday During The Summer?

frustrated mom

When it’s time for summer holidays, it should be the time to put your feet up and leave the cooking and cleaning to someone else. This is what most Mom’s have in their minds. But sadly, it is not the case most of the time. Going on a summer holiday with kids can be […]

Top 10 Most Annoying Airline Passengers


I love flying but I also don’t like annoying airline passengers! The thrill of looking through the window during take off and the amazing view while on air. However, flying is not for everyone. Especially when  the flying experience at times are not so pleasant due to other airline passengers. Here is […]

Book A Car With The New AVIS iPhone App


Technology in this century has gone soaring up that everything is at our fingertips – now joining is the AVIS iPhone App! Now renting a car yourself has never been easier, thanks to the  launch of leading car rental company new iPhone app. If you are on the move like many travelers these […]