Vesak Day Photos In Sri Lanka

The month of May in Sri Lanka is a colorful one, filled with blossomed violet-pink May flowers and colorful lanterns. Buddhists all over the world celebrates this most important religious event – The Vesak Day in May. This is to commemorate Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing into nirvana. Vesak day falls on the full moon in May and is celebrated in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

Photos of Vesak Lanters & More

Vesak Lantern

Vesak Lantern | (c) Photo By Uvais

Main activities include children and adults making paper lanterns, which are lit up in every house, shop and streets, and visiting temples to pay their respects to Lord Buddha. Other than lanterns, huge displays called Thorana (pandols) containing stories of Lord Buddha are shown to the public. Furthermore, groups of people such as neighbors, families, shop owners etc. get together and provide soft drinks to full meals to ice cream etc., free of charge to passers by, all given in good spirits to follow Lord Buddha’s teachings. In some areas, we can see children singing Buddhist teachings, much similar to Christmas carols. Almost everyone in Sri Lanka, irrespective of their religion, go to observe the beauty of Vesak and eat from free food stalls, which are called Danasala. This holiday is the most colorful and holiest festival in the Buddhist calendar.

Vesak Lantern

Vesak Lantern | Photo By (c) Trent Burkholder

Vesak Lantern

Vesak Lantern | (c) photo By RomulaP

Streets On Vesak Day

Streets On Vesak Day | Photo By (c) Trent Burkholder

Lotus-Shaped Vesak Lantern

Lotus-Shaped Vesak Lantern | Photo By (c) Trent Burkholder

Vesak Lanterns at a Local Shop

Vesak Lanterns at a Local Shop | (c) Photo By NavindaK

Vesak Thorana

Vesak Pandols (Thorana) | (c) Photo By Dhammika Heenpella

Vesak Pandols (Thorana)

Vesak Pandols (Thorana) | (c) Photo By Lakpura Travels

Temple decorated With Lights

Kelaniya Rajamahaviharaya Temple decorated With Lights | (c) Photo By Ali Barrett

Arms Giving (Dansal) in Sri Lanka - Giving away food for free

Arms Giving (Dansal) in Sri Lanka - Giving away food for free | (c) Photo By Lakpura Travels

Vesak Parade

Vesak Parade | (c) Photo By Payer

Vesak Bhakthi Gee

Vesak Bhakthi Gee | Photo By Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara

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