Which Country Matches Your Personality

Did you ever wonder which country matches your personality? You might live in Florida but is your heart really in London? I wonder if it’s just me or others out there that feel like a bit of an outsider in your home country. Perhaps you wondered if the country you live in is the best fit for you. So which country would you rather live in? Personally, I’m a creative extrovert who is flexible and laid back but easily bored by routine – so which country matches my personality is what I am searching for! Following are brief descriptions of some of the personality types along with the countries that best corresponds with them. See which country you belong to :)

Which Country You Really Belong To

Which Country Matches Your Personality

Which Country Matches Your Personality | (c) Photo By Countries

The Executive

The executive personality is confident, opinionated, competitive, ambitious and analytical. Which is what makes them ideal personalities for leadership roles. They have a natural ability to absorb and analyze large amounts of information and then make quick, often accurate assessments. Sometimes they can come across as overbearing or aggressive but they genuinely love people, are excellent conversationalists and can be quite sentimental at times.

Which Country Matches: Jordan and France

The Defender

The Defender personality is kind-hearted and place emphasis on maintaining a harmonious and cooperative living environment. They are loyal and sensitive. They’re very sensitive to criticism and can be very hard on themselves when they make mistakes. They also have a difficult time saying ‘no’ to people. Take their responsibilities very seriously and for this reason, are very dependable.

Which Country Matches: Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Latvia and Sweden

The Caregiver

The Caregiver personality is warm-hearted, conscientious and responsible. They frequently place the needs of others before their own. They desire acceptance and praise from others and can be generous. They are sensitive and tend to get their feelings hurt quite easily, but this sensitivity is also what makes them exceptionally good at bringing the best out in people.

Which Country Matches: English-Speaking Canada, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Namibia, Uganda, Taiwan and South Korea

The Artist

The artist personality is extremely creative, independent, quiet and often private people. They can be difficult to get to know but they are caring, sensitive individuals and very loyal friends.

Which Country Matches: Dutch-Speaking Belgium, China, Cambodia, Micronesia, Lichtenstein and Slovakia

The Dreamer

Smiles Of Burmese Children

Smiles Of Burmese Children | (c) Photo By Jotasean

The dreamer personality easily adapt to new situations and are flexible and laid-back. They can become quite aggressive. They’re loyal, reflective, idealistic and creative with a highly-developed skill for the written language. They never lose their sense of wonder and are curious and keen observers, with an intense desire to understand and help others.

Which Country Matches: Nepal and Burma

The Duty Filler

The Duty Filler personality often suffers the most from the effects of culture shock and have trouble adjusting to life abroad. However, they possess a strong understanding of the differences between right and wrong. They are extremely thorough and once they’ve begun a project, they won’t feel satisfied until they’ve successfully completed it. They are serious, quiet, goal-oriented and extremely focused. They can concentrate for long periods of time and are generally successful at anything they put their mind to.

Which Country Matches: Germany, Finland, Estonia and Switzerland

The Visionary

The visionary personality are quick thinkers and love to debate. They’re resourceful, extremely clever, innovative and curious which makes them great entrepreneurs, inventors. They’re quick to assess a situation, recognize a pattern and then come up with a solution.

Which Country Matches: Lithuania, Serbia and Afghanistan

The Mentor

The mentor personality is very charming, self confident, honest and sensitive. They tend to place the needs of others before their own and feel happiest when helping and nurturing people. They’re generous, extremely social and place a high value on their personal relationships.

Which Country Matches: Greenland, Ghana, French-Speaking Canada and French-Speaking Belgium

The Advocate

The advocate personality is in love with life. They’re enthusiastic, optimistic idealistic risk-takers who possess a zest and excitement for all of the possibilities life has to offer. They’re very values-driven and are on a constant quest to find meaning in their lives as well as inner peace. They are excellent verbal communicators and in the hands of a manipulative, this skill can be used to con or deceive people.

Which Country Matches: Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Brazil, Bulgaria, Belize, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Georgia, Mongolia, Kyrgystan and India

The Overseer

People Of Netherlands

People Of Netherlands At The Anual Canal Parade | (c) Photo By Eur Almanac

The overseer personality is practical, straight-forward, honest and task-focused and natural born leaders. They’re self-confident and aggressive and have strong convictions and beliefs about the world. Outgoing and outspoken, they’re friendly and fun to be around and strive to create a secure and tradition-based environment for themselves and their families.

Which Country Matches: USA, England, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and  Netherlands

The Entertainer

The entertainer personality is spontaneous, optimistic and enjoy being the center of attention. They’re also out-going, social and crave excitement. They have a practical side that make them skilled problem-solvers.

Which Country Matches: Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, Chile, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Tibet, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, The Dominican Republic, South Africa, Cyprus, Sri Lanka and Tanzania

What do you think? Have you gotten your personality matched with which country that you should really be living in?

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  1. Simon Lee says:

    I like to visit Portugal, but i dont think i am an entertainer:)

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  2. Julia says:

    Very cute idea! Thanks for the post!