Aircraft Approved Refillable Perfume Atomizer For Travelers

As I was packing my bag for a trip recently, I realized that it is a nuisance to carry a huge perfume bottle. Trying to get perfume into a smaller bottle is a hassle too. I’ve never been able to master the art of perfume transfer from one bottle to another. And those small sample bottles are not enough for few weeks long holiday. This made me wonder and search for a travel perfume bottle gadget, and bingo! To my surprise there is such a gadget (Now, if you already knew this, remember the feeling you got when you first discovered it). Without further ado, allow me to introduce Travalo – the refillable perfume atomizer. This will surely become your new best friend when you travel, other than the travel-smart dresses.

Refillable Perfume Atomizers

Travalo Perfume Atomizer

Travalo Perfume Atomizer | (c) Photo By Bbuys

Travalo really could not be any easier. You just pop the spritzer top from your primary perfume bottle, poke the remaining skinny, straw-like tube into the hole at the bottom of the Travalo, and pump it with up to about 50 sprays of scent. OK if you are confused, you can check out the video demonstration on their website.

Most of all, it is so convenient and small enough to meet the TSA carry on requirements of liquids as well. To make it even more exciting, it comes in five colors, and it is shatterproof. Travalo refillable perfume atomizer is so strong and reliable, you can carry it with confidence anywhere, be it a business meeting, holiday or the gym.

So go get a Travalo or any other refillable perfume atomizer from and make it easy to get a fresh confidence boost any time, anywhere!

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  1. Sarah says:

    When i travel i also take my huge perfume bottle and it is really disgusting to bear such a long bottle.Thanks to you that you discovered a travel perfume and share with us.I will use Travalo from my next tour.
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