All You Can Jet with JetBlue Airlines in September

This will make you go WOW for sure, JetBlue Airlines is introducing AYCJ – All You Can Jet! It will allow passengers to travel wherever they like and as much as they like on the JetBlue route network. Started last year, All You Can Jet runs this year between September 7th and October 6th, for a single fixed rate.

JetBlue All You Can Jet Pass By JetBlue

JetBlue All You Can Jet Pass | (c) Photo By JetBlue

All You Can Jet Passes

You can choose from two All You Can Jet passes:

  • AYCJ-7 pass
    This pass is valid seven days a week and costs $699 only
  • AYCJ-5 pass
    This pass does not cover air travel on Fridays or Sundays and costs $499 only

These already low priced  passes INCLUDE taxes too! What’s more, JetBlue does not charge for the first checked bag. Sadly however, JetBlue does not serve Canada. I hope they do in the future with deals like this! The airline fly to most major tourism cities in the United States such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Orlando, and other destinations such as Vermont. The AYCJ  is also valid for international destinations including Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, Aruba and Cancun.

Too Good A Travel Deal?

All You Can Jet sure is an awesome deal but what’s the catch? Luckily there are only a few and they aren’t all that bad.

  • You have to book your All You Can Jet flights at least three days prior to departure
  • While domestic taxes and fees are included in the flight pass international ones are not
  • You don’t earn miles on individual flights. However, you do receive a set amount when you purchase an All You Can Jet pass
  • As ever, JetBlue passes are only available for sale while supplies last

You will surely enjoy your trip with JetBlue – one of the safest airlines to fly in US.

UPDATE: JetBlue Airlines Cancel ‘All You Can Jet’ For 2011

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